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Posting links to your gigs in these forums is pointless. Please promote effectively

As a friendly reminder, fellow Fiverr sellers, posting promotional links to your gigs in these Fiverr forums is utterly pointless. Most of the people on these forums are sellers – just like you, and will not be purchasing your gigs. Those sellers are here, like you, to interact, and learn how to improve their own gigs. Posting “come buy my gig” posts on these forums are usually ignored, overlooked – or even deleted by the moderators for failing to follow the rules.

Advertising your gigs here is ineffective marketing; it will not translate into the steady sales you are looking for.

Save yourself some time… don’t promote your gigs here on the Fiverr forums. And if you still feel the need to ignor my professional marketing advice, then there is ONE forum where posting gig advertisements is allowed: that forum is called, “MY FIVERR GIGS”, and you’ll find it if you scroll down the forums list.

To market and promote effectively, you MUST find where your buyers are, and advertise at those locations. If you are selling Facebook image services, then promote your gig where the Facebook page administrators are. If you are promoting SEO services, then promote your gig where webmasters congregate. If you are selling hamburgers… promote your burgers where hungry people are looking for something to eat.

Promoting your own gigs is a must – it’s the best, single most important tip I can share for Fiverr success. But be smart about it. If you want buyers to see your gig, don’t advertise them here on these forums. It’s a waste of your time and resources. Go where those buyers are – and those buyers are in your service niche – out there… on the internet.


Thanks the tips. I’m a new guy at Fiverr so I’m just getting a good perspective on what I can do to raise my sales by browsing these immense forums. You’ve just taught me a good lesson and I thank you for it.

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You’re welcome. I’m happy to help. :slight_smile:

I’ve actually got many numerous sales by responding to discussions in regards to what I offer being SEO related services. In fact, some of my most recent biggest clients were really excited about the information I was sharing via the forum they just had to order! however that’s a bit off-topic as it never involved me posting any links and simply involved just taking the time to respond to relevant topics.

Buyers are lurking but yeah, posting promotional links all over the price isn’t really a viable strategy. I see people doing that in random discussions and kind of have a personal list in my mind of who I will never buy from, and those people are usually at the top of the list. I get all of my sales from Fiverr alone and haven’t really did any serious marketing outside of it to bring orders in.

Some of the biggest sellers on Fiverr don’t do any outside promotion either or just enough to build value to their Fiverr gigs for search engines to find them and index them properly. In fact, I know one particular gig that gets roughly at the very least a few hundred orders a month on just one gig simply because of their keyword choice.

Yeah, I agree with you… there’s a significant difference between participating in a discussion, and, if it becomes appropriate to the discussion, making note of a service you offer, and spending time plastering forums with random “buy my gig” posts. That’s a sure-fire way to have those posts deleted by Fiverr (thereby, making the time to post them become wasted, annoying other forum readers, and achieving nothing in terms of productive promotional efforts).

People who market appropriately bring in solid targeted traffic. People who spam the forums hoping for sales generally receive none.

I’m right with you: individuals who spam the forums hoping to get sales, go onto my “never buy from them” list.

Thanks! Its Great! :smiley: Tonight i Advertise My GIG And GOT 3 ORDERS AFTER 4 Hours! That Was Amazing :D!

Sheriff’s note: As mentioned in the thread, promoting your Gigs with links is not allowed on this Forum. If you wish to post your Gig, do so in the correct area – My Fiverr Gigs.

appreciate your thoughts thanks for sharing with us

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You’re welcome. I’m always happy to help make the Fiverr experience for other sellers more productive, fruitful, and effective.


Yes, I also appreciate your efforts here on the Fiverr forum.

I’d also like to mention @kjblynx as a truly helpful member of Fiverr.

Thank you!


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You’re welcome, friend. I’m glad to be of service.

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Well, thank you. Hopefully I’m not stepping on your toes, though. My goal is to be a productive forum participant, and a strong voice of encouragement. I love the Fiverr platform, and would love to share the wealth of marketing/business knowledge that I have, so that other sellers can be more successful with their gigs as well. :slight_smile: