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Posting my services


Hi fiverrs
I’m seller at fiverr i need to know why i can’t post my design services on (buyer request) like all designer


… because Buyer Request is for:

Buyer Request

And not to advertise your services.
Don’t do like others, it’s wrong to advertise there…


Hi there. Maybe this post will help you to understand Buyer Request better:

You can advertise your gigs in 1 category on the forum, which is this one:


The buyers’ request is a feature where buyers…request to receive proposals from fiverr sellers. It isn’t meant to be used by sellers. As wuerz123 mentioned above, it’s wrong to try and advertise there, sellers who do so might get their accounts restricted.


Yes i know that, but this is a problem when some sellers can do like this and other can’t do this


Hypthetical Question: If three idiots jumped off a cliff to their death because it looked like fun, would you do the same… just because they did it?

Probably not.

Just because some people are breaking the rules and doing something foolish (that will eventually catch up with them and result in gig bans or a deletion of their accounts), doesn’t mean you should do it too. Be wise. Don’t try to break the rules for a short-term gain that will result in long-term losses.


The only problem is that we sellers have to waste our time with reading all those requests which are no requests until we know they are not.
The offers you see them getting most probably are either other sellers who can´t read and send their offers with canned response texts to them or other sellers telling them off.
Buyers only post on Buyer Requests, they don´t read there, so they don´t even see those sellers self-advertising.

You can´t=shouldn´t post your service there because you would risk your account doing it, if that isn´t enough reason to not do it, I don´t know what else to tell you.

It doesn´t look as if this problem is going to go away anytime soon currently, so it will be more beneficial to concentrate on what you can do for your gigs instead of what you can´t=shouldn´t (especially if it´s something not allowed by ToS) do.


Ok that’s fine :slight_smile: thanks for all