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If that is the only thing you wish to achieve by using the forum, then please just save yourself the trouble and stop posting. It is not going to work.

There are very few buyers here, and the forum runs on a different platform than the Fiverr marketplace. What you do here will NOT impact your placement or your performance on Fiverr itself.

If you come here to search for tips to improve your gig, that is just fine. Please use the search function first to make it easier for yourself. However, posting in itself will not yield any results.

Thank you.

I am not saying that people can’t post on the forum. They can do what they want. I am merely saying that it might not turn out the way they think.


The funny thing is after you posted this thread, a couple of members posted about not getting their orders. we can’t stop this unless Fiverr staff bring some update to the forum


They can ask why their gig is not working. There are whole other types of people here. Who seems to be copy pasting same thing everywhere. Mostly giving advice about being active on fiverr or a forum etc… Then new people read that starts doing same copy pasting. Just like chain reaction.
-Someone posts “New to fiverr”
-Then some dude will copy pastes about being active on forum.
-10 other people taking advice “Congratulating” under that thread.
-Now that 10 people starts new chain by copy pasting false advice


I would like to meet the moron who started telling new sellers to hang out and post in the forum.

Bet it was one of the YouTube, Facebook or blog “gurus” who also tell these same newbies that all they have to do is put a Gig in this or that category (we all know what categories) and they will become rich beyond their wildest dreams - it’s like money for nothing!



A couple of those videos popped up in my feed a few weeks back and…wow. My favourite was ‘gigs on Fiverr you can open without any skill’ (not an actual video title, just something one of these gurus said. I was a bit… confused. But… I do understand where these people are coming from. It seems easy so of course when nothing happens, they get frustrated and start looking into how they could ‘help’ their business (which is where I’m thinking posting on the forum seems to come in ‘handy’.

But what confuses me is that they seem to completely ignore posts like this (or any other advice that is actually valid.


Exactly…I think so.


Welcome to forum :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: @vibronx remember 24 hour online and 10 buyer request.

On a more serious note, this thread should get pinned because the amount of people posting the same three questions over and over makes the forum very tiring after a while.


That’s one of the reasons keeping me away from being more active on the forum to be honest. It is swamped with the same garbage you have just described …


I hate being positive but…

It’d be waaaayyyy more helpful if you could suggest what to post on the forum. So those who want to post on the forum to increase their sales will know what to post.

Memes, jokes, rants, case studies?



I’m starting to believe people from the Light side of the Force should take a step forward and come up with an effective counter mantra to fight the negative “stay active on forum and Fiverr” mantra.
Something like “effective tips to sell: do not post nonsense on the forum yadda, yadda, yadda”. Something short and effective.
I remember that coerdelion did something like that with YT videos. But maybe it wasn’t enough…

Edit: did I say “something” enough? :rofl:


Can we start a new rumour that staying away from the forum brings in the buyers?


Right! Exactly. I think so


Unless someone has a specific problem that they need help with posting on the forum will not increase sales.

Any question regarding how to increase sales will have been asked hundreds of times before and can be easily answered by a simple search in the search bar above.


thx for your valuable opinion brother :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i will pray for u :pray:

They should post about how great I am 25/8. After 12 moons of unwavering worship, I might just deign to show them my gratitude through a most generous order of $5.

Maybe we should start a drinking game! :tropical_drink: :wink: I see I used it a lot as well! :flushed:

It has to be something incredibly simple and something that does not take a lot of work. Otherwise, they won’t listen to it. I was thinking of something like “be honest”, “only offer something you are good at”, “study hard”, “always try to improve”, “tailor your BR offers to each individual buyer”, “study the Tips for Sellers section”, but most of those are too much work and do not seem like a trick or an exploit which is what they are really looking for.

So, I think that @leannelrivers’ suggestion is a good one:


Yes! That’s genius!

Then, we can start another one that says staying online all day on Fiverr will lower your sales.


I’m going to guess this was sarcasm. If not, then I’ll answer simply: don’t. Don’t post. Read.

If the forum is like a school, then it’s impossible to learn if everyone keeps asking the teacher the same question. Yes, there’s constantly new people cycling in and out, but that doesn’t mean a child should repeatedly asking the same or similar questions once they’re directed to the library.

Huh. Maybe instead of “Welcome to the Fiverr Community Forum”, the new forum that’s in the works should have this greeting! Welcome to the Fiverr Community School/Library. Sets a completely different tone.


Yes. It needs to be started by people who have a YT channel and post there, though, because anything that someone says on YT is true, of course, and will gain their immediate trust, and because they are astonishingly resilient to reading on the forum even if they post on the forum, so an internal forum rumour would probably not work.


yes you are right absolutely


The only section keeping you sane is The Ranting Pot.


I forgot I wanted to link a bit of supporting proof of the title claim: (Poll) How many orders did you get from the forum?

Considering that thread was made just after the start of the lockdown, it’s probably a tad outdated. But I still think it’s plenty relevant.