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Thank you so much. It is much more informative.

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I think there are way more than 1 :rofl:


It might be someone like that, a guru, or maybe new sellers think that they need to post here themselves. Who knows. Regardless, I am sick and tired of seeing the SAME posts over and over again. Instead of working on their gig, people just come here and beg for orders.


Probably, or 1 plus several echoes, the forum is full of echoes too. On the other hand, the internet at large these days seems to be built on and exist of echoes rather than on rock-‘n’-roll. :sweat_smile:


Then here is the forum where we’re supposed to talk, and the purpose was to get out of the market place, plus it is full of sellers here, no one is interested by abnyone services, if we needed something we just would have gone in fiverr market place research, lol

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Problem is that new sellers keep arriving and ask for tips, and they as reply they get all the people who have 0 sale, no skills, poor experience, giving the “advices”, it’s quite exausting.

Oh I know, I’m on Fiverr and the forum since … Oh my … over four years now … I’ve regular forum burn-outs for various reasons …

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I’m here since 11 months, I’ve got enough from forum :rofl:


Obviously. And you gotta offer exact words/templates that they can copy-paste. Otherwise, it won’t work.

It’s a forum. Not a blog. We need better rules. Right now, we are begging intruders to not enter the house while leaving the gates wide open with a welcome note.


Sadly, most of your post will go unread by the majority of newbies.

I know, as I have posted similar ones to this.

But, you never know!


Actually I can’t find any logic…If someone got the logic please tell me.

You are using the word “logic” as if it were a commodity that can simply be traded around.

Logic is more “cerebral” in nature and isn’t a material item.


I disagree, I think they just choose not to accept this information because it isn’t some guy on YouTube that gave it to them, I mean, just look at this guy.

Basically living breathing proof of what’s wrong with this forum.


Posting a string of meaningless statements (as listed in the post above) with no substance all over the forum is of no benefit to anyone.


Posting on forum posting on forum will not get you orders will not stop them from posting that posting on forum helps to get orders and rank on Fiverr site.

Read that fast three times, spin 360° jumping on one leg then point with your left index finger towards your right pinky finger then swap that posture fast 3 times. Guarantee that if you do that in next 30 days you will get one order.


This is 100% false and misleading tip, in my case. Posting on the forum gets me orders and actually my participation works as sample of work for specific gig.

I even read buyer’s forum where few agree that they pay attention to forum participation of various potential sellers.

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Hi @genuineguidance yes you said right

Bet it was one of the YouTube, Facebook or blog “gurus” who also tell these same newbies that all they have to do is put a Gig in this or that category

Yes, there has lots of spoiler marketer who wants to make them viral on Facebook groups/posts or YouTube. Actually, those fake “Gurus” make eye casing title and thumbnail and share some spamming tips from there lots lop innocent people get misleading knowledge about the marketplace and forum.

Hi @katakatica

A couple of those videos popped up in my feed a few weeks back and…wow

Hehehe … Most of the time I got this type of notification on my youtube too.

@vibronx Thank you for posting important things. We need to find out a way to decreasing the matter.


Right! Exactly. I think so :smiley: