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Posting Request To Seller Community

Hi, quick question if anyone can help me.

I want to post a request to the seller community (video related) but I also want full commercial rights to the video i receive. How do i do this?

I only see category/subcategory, delivery time and budget options but i don’t see full commercial rights option.

Thanks guys.


Hi, Welcome to Fiverr community. You can mention all your requirements in the job description.

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Most sellers do offer commercial rights, but it’s an add-on “Extra” that you pay more for, so you won’t necessarily see it on the gig page.

Most sellers don’t include commercial rights in the package price. I’ve mostly seen it as an add-on. Add-ons aren’t visible until you’ve clicked the order button. Then there will be a list of suggested add-ons.

I don’t think there is a filter to restrict search results to commercial rights, unfortunately. There should be! If you suggest it to Fiverr customer service, they may consider adding it. In the meantime, I suggest you message sellers you are interested in before ordering and ask them how if their orders include commercial rights and if there’s an extra charge.

Hi mate,

I meant when i post a request. How do i tell the people who will bid for the job i posted that i want full commercial rights? Just in the description box?

Hello, What I meant was that you need to discuss this with them before you order. All sellers have a green “Contact Me” button on their pages. Before you contact them to ask, I would read over the gig closely as they may explain their commercial rights policy somewhere or have it included in gigs.

If you order first and it turns out they don’t offer commercial rights or you don’t like the price they charge, you’ll have to cancel and this hurts sellers’ ratings. So it’s best to check for commercial rights info and if it’s not there, contact the seller first, before you order.

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Ok thanks mate. Lastly, if i post a request to the seller community, multiple sellers will contact me first correct ? Then from the applicants, i pick who want i to hire. Is this correct? That’s how it works on freelancer and other sites, not sure how it works on fiverr

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You’re welcome!

Are you referring to buyer requests? You make the request and then you will get offers from sellers.

yes that is correct… and where do i put the full commercial rights request as well in there? Description box?

Yes, in the description.

Requests are sent to sellers based on what services they sell and if they are at a level. It’s not based on who provides commercial rights and who doesn’t.

ok, i think i know how it works now.

i put a buyer request.
sellers contact me with offer
i pick a seller
the picked seller then sends me a custom offer with commercial rights included.

the picked seller then sends me a custom offer with commercial rights included.

Well, no because they already sent you a custom offer. That’s what a response to a buyer request is.

oh i see, so they’ll send me the custom offer with commercial rights included if i require it in my request description lol

Yes, just make sure that the response you accept explicitly says it includes commercial rights because otherwise it’s not technically part of your contract.

If you like a seller and they haven’t included that, you can say you’re interested but you need commercial rights as part of the contract. Then they can send you a new offer that includes that in the text, if they agree.

A lot of sellers respond to requests with offers that differ from what the buyer is asking for, so it’s important to read carefully and make sure you’re both on the same page.

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ok thanks mate, cheers

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