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Posting your gig on social media doesn't generate sales - here's how to promote your service properly

Whenever people on here ask for tips on promoting their gigs, loads of people chime in with “post it on social media” as if this actually works. So they head over to Facebook or twitter and start spamming their links in groups and pages thinking that people are going to just buy it.

The problem is that people are bombarded with content every second of every day. They won’t even acknowledge your post. JUST posting your gig on social media does not generate sales. Here are some methods that do:

Content marketing

Build an audience outside of the platform that trusts you for quality advice on your niche. Create content such as blogs and youtube videos that help bring value to your customer base. Start building an email list and an audience.

Bring them as much value first BEFORE going in for a sale. It’s called the law of reciprocity. People feel obliged to do something for us when we do something for them. Many sites like these offer free e-books on the subject in return for customers email. If you just start reaching out to people, even if their in your target audience and asking for sales without providing them value first, your gonna have a severely lower success rate. Like 70% of the pitching / sales process is understanding their needs and pain points by listening to them.

Offer specialized advice on the niche and prove you can help solve their problems. People take action (i.e buying) to avoid pain or to gain pleasure. You need to frame your service as something that alleviates their business pains and helps them reach their goals.

Cold emails

This means identifying business that would benefit from your services and emailing them directly to drum up business. Yes, this works. You just need good copy and highly targeted leads. Again your main focus for the duration of the pitch should be on providing them value and understanding their business, as well as its pain points and goals. Offer them a fress consultation first so they feel like they’ve been given something of value for free. Again, law of reciprocity. Only once they trust you as an expert who can solve their problems and have received value from you will they even consider hiring you. It is a numbers game though. You will need to send out THOUSANDS of emails to get any results, each one tailored to the specific business, no cut and paste jobs.

Online communities

Yes, facebook groups and online forums like Quora, reddit, niche forums can get you customers. I recently got a sale from reddit. However, it’s not a matter of just advertising your services on there by posting about them. For a LONG time after joining the community you must not mention your product at all. If people think you’re just there to sell something they will resent you. It’s like walking into a bar and shoving your product in a strangers face. You need to become a trusted authority on the forums for your niche. Consistently, build your reputation on there as someone that provides quality contributions to the forums, establish yourself as an expert in the niche. Then after your highly trusted and respected on the forum you can start offering your services. People buy from who they trust. So if they already trust you then you are half the way there.

Influencer marketing

Gonna need some cashflow for this one but it works. People are very likely to buy if they’ve been referred by a friend. Online influencers are like friends to their fans, they trust them. So what you can do is pay these people to endorse your product to their audience. You need to find influencers in your niche of course like youtubers etc. A good example would be if your selling marketing services, you could pay someone on a business channel to talk about how great your product is for start-ups. Wouldn’t recommend this method until you’ve succeeded with the other methods though as it requires risking cash.

Any more methods people can think of?

On a side note: Why are there so many digital marketers on here asking for advice on promoting their gig lol. If you are a digital marketing expert then surely you should be able to market it yourself. I’d really question your skills.


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