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Potential Buyer Gives Zero Details


I got an order from a buyer who I cannot name (forum rules) the trouble is, he/she has left me absolutely no correspondence.

I assume he/she wants me to write a review of a book because there was a link provided, which took me to an Amazon page, where a book could be purchased fro about $4.

I have sent two requests for additional info, with no response. Do some “buyer” expect you to purchase their books for review?

I’m thinking if he/she doesn’t reply, I’ll just forget about the order all together. I did not accept the order, so I assume I won’t be receiving any negative feedback. Would that be a proper assumption?

Could a potential order, which is not accepted lead to the potential buyer giving negative feedback?

Thank you for your time.

John Von Bronzesnake


When you say you didn’t accept the order, do you mean he just sent you a message only?

If he submitted an actual order then you will either need to wait for him to reply or request a mutual cancellation (this same thing has happened to me recently as well!).


The nbuyer sent me two e-mails. The first one was a request, and contained no text besides the link to Amazon.

The second, was an actual “congrats, you got an order” and was identical as far as content, as the first e-mail was.

Shouldn’t there be a process where the seller can decide to accept, or reject the order beforehand?

Thank you for replying.



Reply to @bronzesnake: Unfortunately, that’s the single worst part of selling on Fiverr™. Once the buyer orders the gig™, you are obligated to deliver it. Period. There is no way to deny or refuse an order - even if the buyer wants you to do something that isn’t even what your gig is for! The deadline ‘timer’ doesn’t start until the buyer gives you whatever your initial instructions are.

Look in your “manage gigs” area and see what the status is.


OK, so I have to write a review for a book I have not read?

On an order I never agreed too?

If this is true, I’m probably going to be an ex Fiverr seller real fast for $5!

Thanks for the help.



Oh right. Your call really, I think your choices are either to just read other people’s reviews and create one for this guy based on other people’s (you wouldn’t be the first person on this site to do that!), or request a mutual cancellation and explain why you can’t/won’t do it. You’d have thought he’d actually have some intelligence to reply to the original non-order message first before buying your gig though… but I digress!

I doubt Fiverr would ever implement some kind of system as you mentioned, because it would make buyers less likely to use Fiverr and encourage them to go use some other website instead.


Really appreciate your help, and I love dogs!

My wife and I have had several Dobermans. We lost of last one Aero to cancer, and that really hurt bad. He was huge, and sooooo intelligent. My oldest son bought an Olde English Bulldogge two years ago and we fell in love with him (Dexter) so last year we bought a female pup (Betty), and she is a real beauty, but has a bit of a temper…she is a Bull Dog right?

Take care.



oh thatz pretty confusing.


Reply to @bronzesnake: sorry to hear about Aero. :frowning:

The dog in my profile picture is a greyhound (an ex racer), we’ve got two of them. Laziest dogs on the planet, spend 80% of their time sleeping!


bachas85 I really appreciate your reply. I have decided to risk negative feedback instead of going against my morals.



Reply to @greyhound12:

Ya, thanks. Aero was nine years, and the absolute stand out dog of my life.

Of course I love our present dogs, we have four all together, two Olde English Bulldogges, a heinz 57 and a Jerk Russel! But people who love dogs, will have that one special dog of a life time, and he was it. He’s been gone over ten years now and I still miss him terribly.

Brings a tear to my glass eye!

Thanks greyhound - give lazy boy a good pat for me!