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Potential Buyer Left Me Stunned

Good Day!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted in ‘The Ranting Pot’, which is a good thing. However, today breaks that trend, not because I am upset or frustrated or anything of the sort, but rather, more stunned, more puzzled… happy even that I dodged a bullet so to speak.

It’s funny, the world is full of very interesting characters and today I met one.

Please feel welcome to take note of the exchange in communication and note the times.
Time I was contacted: 7:44PM
Time I was blocked and told I wasted her time: 7:56PM

I am so lost.



You didn’t just doge a bullet. You dodged a freight train.


Yes, obviously this is your fault, because how dare you have other work to do :joy: Like, how dare people set time frames like that? It’s not like you work at their company and their your manager who can pressure you to do stuff. Big Karen vibes :joy:


People never seize to amaze me. 100% you dodged a bullet. i think a huge element to growing a successful profile on here is being able to vet people correctly. As this platform prioritises ratings so much (which is understandable), i think its vital to manage the type of clients you work with.

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You dodged a bullet.

By “You wasted my time” this buyer has assumed that sellers will bend over backwards to get an order and his ego is bruised that this didn’t happen.

He is mad to read you have orders and can afford to not work with him. That’s not what his type wants. They want sellers who are desperate and will do whatever it takes to get a sale. In other words, you’re not prime for exploitation, which is what he wants.

Be glad he didn’t order. He is an egotistical, exploitative jerk. He either would have scammed you or been an absolute nightmare to work with. You did the right thing by holding your ground. He didn’t want you because you didn’t stroke his ego and let him exploit you.


Any buyer requesting delivery in less than 24 hours gets a canned response from me.

“The minimum order delivery time allowed by Fiverr is 24 hours - any deliver faster than that cannot be enforced by Fiverr’s system.”

I always deliver within the deadline set on the order page. I obey the clock. If the clock can’t start at lower than 24 hours, I can’t promise anything under 24 hours. Simple!


I just had a not job. They started out with the old “it’s so hard to find good writers on Fiverr,” so I wasn’t interested from the get-go.



"Non plagaris" sealed it for me. In this case, I let the buyer know I couldn’t help.


However, the buyer didn’t seem to get that I was declining to work with him.



So I tried again.


And then suddenly I’m a stalker.


I felt like pointing out that my first reply was my last reply, but I decided not to push my luck.


“Non plagaris” sounds like some disease vector.

“What did he die from? He was so healthy!”
“Yeah, he was doing well, but then he was infected by a serious strain of non plagaris, and that was it. Sad.”


Love this, I may start using it. Or better still, my partner runs an aviation content site and will suggest he adds this into his hiring process.

You let the meteor burn before it hit the ground. Good on you.

:smiley: :upside_down_face:

it’s facinate me when buyer talk to the seller, like they own the company. Hey, even owner of the company doesn’t talk like that