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Potential Buyers Inquiring Why I Don't Take On Their Work

Three times this week…I’ve been asked by buyers why I won’t help them with their work - two of them wanted it done in 1 day. My question to them… does it really matter? I can’t or won’t help you at this particular time with that short of a deadline. But, it’s more money for you. Well, I understand that but my other clients would like their work too and I’m not on Fiverr full-time. I have a job, family and other commitments that take me away from my laptop… There are thousands more writers to choose from - why insist on asking me a question that I shouldn’t have to answer.

Next time, I’ll just be curt - I’m busy!

On top of that, this week hasn’t been a particular good week in Emeraldawnn’s world…

Just tell them straight up like I do, I have other gigs with priority, you will have to wait, like everyone else! In fact I tell them to never order the gig first, it’s plastered on all my gigs, to send me a msg first (mainly because of the time zone difference) and when I’m ready I will get back to them, if ppl can’t wait, then so be it, find someone that will do it within your time frame, I think certain individual buyers conveniently forget that they’re not the only clients we have and that there’s a line they have to get to the end of, unless they want to pay the extra quick price and be bumped up it! Everyone thinks they’re special, until they aren’t :stuck_out_tongue:

I get it constantly. I tell clients I do the gigs in the order I get them, no exceptions. I’m like you. I have a full time job and other commitments so I have to schedule accordingly. Don’t get me wrong, I love making some extra money on fiverr, but I also love my job, my family, and even the things I don’t love, I have to do. So yes, it would be nice if buyers would realize that our time is as precious as theirs.

yes, of course it matters for them if they can have it in one day. And if that is what they need for their schedule then they need to go to another buyer. Do you not understand that some buyers come here for work purposes that maybe they have a client and a deadline so yes, time matters.

But all you have to say is…I’m sorry I do not offer 24 hour turnaround on jobs, my normal delivery time is 3 days. If 3 days is ok, please feel free to go order my gig. If not there are plenty of other sellers who offer a 24 hour turnaround.

End of story and just say the same thing if they come back and ask again. You should not be giving out personal information about why you cannot do 1 day turnaround, anything about your life or that you work in order of the jobs that come in…that is your own workflow. I think you are trying to defend yourself too much, just say it straight up you don’t offer that kind of one day service.

But wait…I just looked at your first gig…you have one day delivery as an option for $50…so then what is the problem here? Because clearly you are willing to stop everything and do an order for one day if someone pays you the $50.

If you do not want to do 1 day turnaround, then you should remove that gig extra. Then you will not get messages like the ones you are getting.

I think emerald’s post is more about being asked to “explain” yourself, than the 24 hr. extra. If you tell a buyer you can’t do something, coming back and asking you why you can’t do it is a waste of time for all involved. It’s just another message that a seller has to answer, while the buyer could be spending his time looking for a seller who is willing/does have time to take on that project.

I have a quick response that I use to say “No, thanks,” when a buyer asks me to do something I don’t have time to do, can’t do, or don’t want to do. It’s very often, for example, that someone will message asking me to do write their philosophy paper or do some other homework assignment. I send that quick response that says something like, “Sorry, I cannot help you with this request.” About 50% of the time, that person messages me and asks “Why not?” Do we really need to explain ourselves? These aren’t long-time clients that we’re firing or formal proposals that we’re rejecting.

I’m at that point again, really about to tell this guy to find someone else to help him, at first he wanted a KML file to be viewed in Google Maps, first off the bat, he gives me a totally bogus KML file that doesn’t even work, at closer inspection I realized it’s from the actual Google Maps tutorial, it was the first example, I’m just like wtf is this guy doing? So I tell him that, then he sends me the legit one, so I load it up and it works, fine, so I tell him that there’s nothing wrong with it, he then goes on to tell me it has a banner at the top, I’m looking at it thinking wtf is he talking about? About 5 msgs later he then tells me he wants me to embed it on his website, so I’m thoroughly annoyed at this point as it’s taken him about an hr to tell me this, so I have a link that tells you how to do it (it’s really easy, all you do is upload your map, make it public and embed it to your website) and I said if he wants that it will cost him $5 take it or leave it, as I’m not going to do it for him as I’m towards the end of my tether! It’s buyers like this that frustrate me, they give you the run around and expect you to read their minds and know exactly what they’re on about when it’s abundantly clear they don’t really know themselves! LOL.

It would never occur to me to continue pushing for more answers when someone told me they couldn’t do a job for me. But it happens to me all the time.

I feel that when I receive a request from another buyer they are seeing me as THEIR employee and they reap the higher profit. I ask them up front if you are a seller of the same service why are you asking me to do the same thing at a cheaper price rate – they usually cancel after that -

I feel for you @emeraldawnn, I really do. It’s also funny how some in the forum think that whenever you come here (the Ranting Pot, that is) that you’re somehow asking for advice. Especially when some of them don’t even sell on here. Odd…

But as a fellow Top Rated Seller, you are 100% right. You shouldn’t have to explain yourself twice to buyers. Now with the response rating it makes it even more difficult to keep up with these inconsiderate buyers. Sorry for your frustration!

Previous comment removed - we’ve now initiated a mutual cancellation rather than risk further problems.

Wow. Some buyers really stress sellers out. @Emeraldawnn, maybe it is time to expand your Fiverr business. Maybe set up your own freelance team. :slight_smile:

Holy crap. Here’s what I’ve been doing today:

Buyer: (sends two long messages about what he needs - asks about “SEO research,” which I don’t do)

Me: Unfortunately, I cannot help you with this request. (my quick response when I’m overbooked, am underqualified, or when I get the inkling a buyer is never going to be happy with what I deliver, no matter how great it is)

Two Days Later

(after a bunch of messages about how I need to explain myself to him)

Buyer: You know well how the fiverr system works, besides showing some decent respect should not be hard for any buyers/sellers to show the other party. With your reply, anyone could have open a support ticket as act of racism.

Buyer: I could take your rejection based on act of racism. So you could do well to explain yourself.

Buyer: I don’t know how things run in your country. But we are taught this basic act of respect. If I had respected you to first approach you on your opinions, before hitting the order button, I think getting a short 2 sentence explanation on why you could not deliver the order would do good.

Me: You seem very worked up over this, and I’m frankly not sure why. I never made any statements against you as a person or your business. I didn’t take your order because “SEO research” is not something I offer and I often have a hard time writing “About Us” pages for businesses, since I’m not an employee of that business and will never have a full understanding of the mission/message/direction of that business, in short, I didn’t feel that I would be able to do a good job, which is what I said above.

Seriously? He’s threatening me because I didn’t want to take his $5? An act of racism? I’m a racist now if I don’t take on every single order thrown my way? What planet am I living on right now?

I asked him why not look for a seller who is willing to take on his project, instead of wasting time badgering me, and he said, “I have the time to do both.” LOL

All for $5. Have you sent it on over to CS? Not sure if that’ll help but I certainly wouldn’t be feeding the lions at this point… which he seems to be. So sorry this is happening to you… seems like a rough week for us. :smiley:

Totally ridiculous @emasonwrites. Definitely report it. It might do some good.

On the topic, I’ve only had it happen a few times, but I feel the same way. If you write to someone and say, “Hey, can you do this?” And they write back saying, “Unfortunately, no, but there are a lot of great sellers on here who can take care of that for you. Have a good day!” Who cares why they said no? Continue your search. But it is what it is.

I agree that you shouldn’t offer too much of an explanation why you won’t take on an order, though, because those buyers are like telemarketers. You telling a salesperson why you don’t want something is just giving them more fuel to convince you that you’re wrong because they’re trained to argue whatever excuse you come up with.

I don’t want it because it’s too expensive = Actually, when factoring in xyz, the price is less than what you’re paying now for blah blah blah.

I don’t want it because I don’t want to change my equipment = Actually, with blah blah service, you can keep the same equipment you have now.

The more reasons you give them, the more arguments you give them and in the end, running out of reasons is how a lot of people get coaxed into buying or subscribing to something they really don’t need.

The fact is, you don’t need a reason. If you don’t want a service, you don’t want it and that’s the one argument they can’t refute - choice. So that’s the only thing I say when a salesperson asks why. “Because I don’t want it.” And that’s all I say until they go away.

You have to be the same way with pushy potentials. “Because I’m unfortunately not available to do this.” As many times as they need to hear it. If you volunteer extra information in your defense, they’ll run with it.

Reply to @r3k0d3d: well, problem is not only the rush delivery extra itself… but the schedule we already have, family, job, other committments.
So if I’ve already 3-4 orders to deliver in a couple of days, I can’t accept a rush order even if buyer wants to pay me for this… just because I know either I deliver his order and leave the others behind or vice versa… someone will get angry and I can’t destroy my reputation for some buck :wink:

Reply to @sincere18: sorry, I disagree with you. Having the 24h delivery doesn’t mean you can accept as many rush orders as the buyers can buy!
Problem is you cannot set a limit to the orders you can accept and so you could be overwhelmed (for personal or work reasons, it doesn’t matter).
Really, think about receiving 10 rush orders in a row… how can you process them? Probably you can’t… and that’s the reason sometimes you are in the need of refusing some order even if you’d really like to get the extra money…

Reply to @mark74: no you can’t process that many rush orders depending on what the job is. Of course I understand that, but that is why you would have to do some cancellations if that happens.

But just by the nature of you putting on there that you do offer 24 hour delivery it would seem natural that you would get potential buyers asking you about it, so that is where I don’t understand why the person who wrote this thread is asking about it. Of course you will get people asking about it and wanting to know why you cannot do it if it says you offer it, that is part of the business. Giving the reasons that they are not on Fiverr full-time, things like that makes no sense and is not needed. If someone comes along and buys a gig and you cannot do it for time or you have a deadline at your other job, then you have to cancel it. It happens.

Reply to @emasonwrites: That’s exactly it! I am not their employee… I should not have to explain why I don’t want to work with a potential client. If this were my job at the school, yeah I could see explaining to my boss why I didn’t want to come to work that day. As this is the nature of freelance, there should be no explanations. There should be… Thank you for your time anyway. Perhaps next time. No, well if you don’t mind me asking… why not? Or, how come? No explanations should be necessary!

Reply to @sincere18: And, while normally, I don’t have an issue with 1-day turnaround for a SINGLE 500 word or less article. These were NOT 500 words or less. One of them was 2,000 words… the other was 1,200… so yeah. There’s that. So, instead of being a butt about why I wouldn’t or couldn’t do it, I made my apologies and said I wasn’t going to be able them in that timeframe… which was when I was bombarded with the “Well, Why not?”