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Potential buyers only wanting to chat

Normally im a pretty social person, i dont mind chatting with people from time to time, but recently, i have noticed a lot more messages coming in from people who are just wanting to chat. They will ask nothing about the gigs, and never order anything, some even go as far as to ask for free work. I have had to block a few people from contacting me because they sent me 15 messages saying “hi, how are you pretty girl” in a single days time span. Ive tried being polite and telling them i dont always have time to chat on here, which is true, but on top of that it clogs up my inbox when i do get questions about orders.

how do you guys deal with friendly non buyers? I feel like a jerk when i ask them if they have any questions pertaining to orders.

Maybe you could start a new gig offering to chat (with predefined boundaries). I’ve seen gigs like that for advice and counseling.

Why would you feel like a jerk? This is an ecommerce site, not the water cooler! They are being inconsiderate of your time by thinking this is some sort of pen pal site! I would ask them if they have any questions about my Gigs, and if they wrote back either ignoring my question and trying to just “make time” with me, I would either delete their correspondence and move on or block them. Heck, I may even report them so they don’t bother others here. But, I wouldn’t feel like a jerk. Boundaries are important in life, let people cross them, and they will walk all over you creating stress and anxiety, not to mention wasted time you cannot get back! If they are not writing to you because they are curious about what you sell, move on!


To start a new gig just for chat is great advice in my opinion. If people want to talk with you, let them and get some money from that :). But ofc make your own rules.