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Potential Clients Only Wanting Free Advice


This might be already mentioned. But someone on a Facebook group post already mentioned it. This did happen to me here. That is potential clients only wanting free advice and not pay you for your service.

This happened to me a few months ago here. Someone just messaged me about wanting to create a podcast and the steps to take. I did answer this person. And on it went. I did tell my ADHD Entrepreneur instructor about this and he said that I did the wrong thing. So with this conversation, I tried to let the client know that in order for me to help them, they would have to hire and pay me. That didn’t go anywhere.

Now in saying this, I almost did get a job from another person (Who admitted that they have ADHD. I do too.) but they said for me to set up the proposal or some other way for me to get paid. Shouldn’t the client be the one doing that? Anyway, that didn’t go anywhere because I know that most people with ADHD quickly get bored and move onto a new idea. I don’t know why this person said that they have ADHD. From taking a course in ADHD and Job Search, that doesn’t sound professional.

Anyway, what do I do if all the client wants is free advice? Should I let them know that I am only allowed to give one free advice if they want more then they have to hire me. Or do I say that in order for me to give them free advice, they would have to hire me?

For those clients that feel that they are entitled to free advice, I will report them to Fiverr.

I just want to know what to do with these people, that’s all.


Fiverr is not a volunteer organization.

Free advice does not pay the bills.

You will have to stand firm and tell these Buyers that you are running a business.

If they seek your service, they have to pay for it.

Do not let anyone use you without honouring the value of what you do.

That usually means paying for it with money.


If it’s a something like a graphic designing or photo editing job like I do, it can be delivered with a watermark as a sample before proceeding to the order. But if it’s an advice, once it’s gone, it’s gone. So if they wanna take that advice, you should get payed first.

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Hello eranganew,

This was advice on how to do a podcast.

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Maybe you need to look at your gig description a bit so potential buyers know what they’ll be getting?

Your gig video seems to be an advert for your own podcast, your description asks a number of questions which buyers can ask you to help them with, but neither the video or the description seem to match what you’re offering in the gig package.

Maybe work backwards from what you’re offering in the package - this will help you describe what buyers will get for their money and what you need from them to be able to fulfill the gig. Once you’ve done that, you can make a video which might fill in any gaps.

Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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And they are correct.
You can create a custom offer and send it in the inbox so they can accept it and pay for your services.

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