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Potential Customer Wants Free Writing Sample?

Hello everyone,

I was contacted by a potential client who wants me to write a 30,000 word novel. However, before that he wants me to write chapters 1 and 2 for free as a writing sample.

I have had people request writing samples in the past, but they were always willing to read over stuff I had already written. They never asked me to create anything for free. To be honest, I am a bit leery of it. I am tempted to just go with my gut and say I don’t work for free, but I would gladly send something I already wrote.

What would you, my fellow Fiverr Sellers, do in this situation? Just curious.


Tell him no way, that’s a common practice by scammers, I’ve read a thread about that here on the forum today.


Send him a custom offer for chapters 1 and 2. Don’t work for free.


Yes, that is what I was leaning toward.

I mean, if you want a free sample of a story I wrote and published myself, that’s cool. But from scratch? No.

I guarantee that this buyer won’t pay you a dime, even if you have E. L. James somehow ghostwrite a couple of free chapters for you.

This kind of ‘buyer’ is the kind that needs to be treated like something you have just stood in which you need to scrape off your soul immediately before your whole life starts to stink.

Say no, you are sorry but you have a very large writing assignment underway and can’t justify working for free. Then move on. In fact, even if this buyer does offer to pay, they will only end up asking you to cancel further down the line.

Save yourself the dehumanization.

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They want you to do work for free obviously.

Yes, THIS particular buyer did. However, there were ones in the past who said, “I want you to write something for me, but can I see samples first?” They meant something I’d already completed. That’s not the same as what this person tried to pull.

I’d only agree to show him something I already did. Your time and effort to generate fresh content is not worth the risk.

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Avoid that buyer. Period.

If the client wants a sample he either has to pay or see relevant works you´ve done before.


It’s best not to accept the offer because no buyer would request you to [quote=“stevegrogan2015, post:1, topic:182672”]
write chapters 1 and 2 for free as a writing sample.
If they truly want to see your writing samples (writing style/tone), they can start off with a small order and move forward if they are satisfied with the work.

Rick Ross’s “Trap Trap” buzzing in my head at the moment.

Just say no :slight_smile: It’s that simple