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Potential customer wants to "collab"

Hello everyone, i just got a very strange mail

“Hello, My name is —i, I’m the founder of the website : (My website is registered as .be cause it’s not costing me a lot of money that’s why. But all are French content !) We create french video games news and reviews since 2009 (+2.000 visitors and people who read our article everydays and it is growing ). Our live channel : ‪‪ ( I have more than +50.000 people who is watching our live everymonth), We have also some social network account : , and many more ! What do you think about us ? We are growing so quickly and have also our goals wich is to reach more than 100.000 visitors + 100.000 people who watching our live channel every month. But it’s so long but doing everything for reach ! You have some questions about our blog ? Feel free to ask to me ! I will be happy to answers We discovered your website and we would like to make a review about it. I can make video and publish or write an article about it ( Anything you will tell me ) and make video ( Both thing ) You should also check my private twitch channel here (18k followers) , I’m working with many people also on twitch for create great content and make some great giveaway, They know me a lot, and i know them cause they have also a have lot of viewers and followers like me. I know many guy ! I hope we will do collaboration ? PS : I manage also two youtuber wich are both turkish (12 Millions followers) and (2 Millions followers) Thank you Best regards”

he linked all the twitch sites, i dont know if im allowed to leave them in the quote, so i deleted them. But i checked the twitch links and the sites really have that many followers.

So i asked him if he wants me sth to do for him, cause i wasnt sure what he wanted. He said yes, he wants panels for his twitch channel. When i told him i can do it the way he wants, he just needs to put the order he said he wants me to do it for free, and he will put my name on his twitch channel.

This is against the ToS right? Should i report this guy?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Yes, he just wants to scam you. You have no way of knowing if he really owns those channels or even the website. He most likely doesn’t and is just using their names to get free work done.

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thanks for your answer.

The strange thing is the logo that he wanted on the panels was the logo of the actual channel oO…

but do you think i should report this guy? he has been member since 2014, but doesnt have any ratings so far.

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That is indeed strange. I would think that if he owned all those things, he would have no problem paying.

Well, I think technically what he is doing is against the ToS, as he is offering payment (in the form of Twitch promotion) outside Fiverr. So, yes, I would report him. He is certainly up to no good.

thanks a lot, i will do it now :slight_smile:

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