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Potential Scam?


Just this morning, I had a kind of generic, boiler plate message from a buyer interested in voice over sellers.
The Buyer, seems to be located in ********* and the account was just set up last month. There is no other info on the buyers page at all.
Has anyone else seen a message form this Buyer and have thoughts?

The message begins like this:
Hello there…. we’re looking for top quality voice over artists to narrate over 70,000,000 words!

Given the success of audiobooks we see a massive opportunity in converting articles to audio as well.


You need to remove the username as naming buyers and sellers is not allowed on the forum.


I wouldn’t label it a scam based on her being in ********* with a new account. The number of words is suspicious. Send an offer for $10,000.

Or tell her your rates and say you prefer to start with a much smaller order.


It seems it’s just a cattle call. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who got it.
Should I post the entire copy here?


Yes if you leave out the name.


There are few scenarios.

  • Could it be they meant to type 700 or 7000 words?
  • Being from ********* doesn’t mean anything bad (there are many wonderful sellers/buyers who are from *********)
  • Be cautious to any huge request and quote away!


Here’s the entire message in question:

Hello there…. we’re looking for top quality voice over artists to narrate over 70,000,000 words!

_Given the success of audiobooks we see a massive opportunity in converting articles to audio as well. _

_We’ve set aside a $300,000 budget to narrate 50,000 articles (70M words) over the next six months. _

_We’re offering top quality voice over artists the chance to earn $1,000 a month ($12,000 a year) for working just 2 hours a day based on a $2.5 per 1000 words rate. _

Furthermore, since the quality of the narration is so important to our success, we’re offering a 50% bonus on top of that to any narrator who gets a 4.5 star rating from our users, taking yearly earnings to almost $20,000 working from home for two hours a day!

We’re also very flexible, so you could choose to work less or more, our deadlines are weekly so you can work on certain days but not others, it’s all entirely up to you.

_We love your work and want you on board. Looking forward to hearing back from you. _



What it sounds like is someone trying to get free work out of you by making you think it’s the way to get lots of work in the future.

You can tell them to place an order, not too large, as a beginning. No it does not sound legitimate. So ask them to place a reasonably small order.


I’m totally not concerned about the ********* thing. It’s just that there is no information on the Buyers gig page except name, location and when the Buyer joined.


That doesn’t mean anything. The only thing that means anything is if they go ahead and place an actual order.

So tell them to go ahead and place an order. Then don’t hold your breath.

They need to simply put their money where their mouth is.


If it sounds too good to be true… Meh, you know the rest of the spiel.

My advice:
Run for the hills! :mountain: :running_man: It reeks of bull :poop:.


Look at the rate $2.5 per 1000 words. Very low. Especially remembering Fiverr takes it’s cut.


Right! That’s another reason it bothered me.
So, I don’t know that I’ll report this, but if anyone else gets a message in their inbox like this, heads-up!


I am busy… okay… not looking outside.


I personally don’t like those “buyers” who give you the amount of their budget before they know if you are able to make the job (and make a good job!). I don’t know any serious company who begins a discussion with this information.
I think that they are just trying to make your dream in order to kill you more easily :wink:


Despite whatever else may or my not be in play here, I think you and orcatek are spot on. After the first rise of interest, there’s the let down of the math.


Why don’t you allow them to make their first purchase (for say, $100) to see how it works out.

If they are serious about spending that money they’ll spend $100 to see you’re work beforehand.

Either way, it sounds to good to be true…


hahahahahahahahahaha that is crazy! I think they’re just fishing for newbies who will work for such an insanely low rate…


$2 per 1000 words, after 5r takes their fee. So, regardless of whether they are legit or not, it ain’t happening.


A 300 page paperback has approximately 250.000 words.
I wouldn’t even consider having a conversation with someone who asks for 70 million words.
How can one take something like this serious?