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Potential Shady Customer? What do i do?

Hello team,

I’m encountering not your usual “difficult” customer, but a potential shady one…
Why? First he tries to get me to do 3 Ads with discounts, After i offer some other alternative with discounts, he asked for more discount on top of that…

eventually, i offered one where i will make a Facebook Ad Design + copywrite for him to try and see if it changes his sales at all for only $15. We both agreed.

After deep research, i delivered it, and he turned around and said it’s not what he wants, then he refers back to the Previous stuff he had that didn’t work (that’s why we’re trying my way) and he wanted that exact stuff and ask me to rewrite to that. I have a feeling if I do as he asked, he’ll just keep saying it’s not what he wanted and keep asking for rewrite, Which wouldn’t it turns into all the ads he ever wanted? since he had received the written piece?

This is making me feel super uncomfortable right now. What should i do?
Part of me is scared he’s going to give me bad review regardless if i try my best to please him and his order or not. This makes me really want to just quit Fiverr.


This depends on how many revisions you offer. If your gig says you offer revisions, you have to to them as requested. If your buyer has no revisions remaining, inform them that they will have to place a separate order.

You can send an offer to add extra work to your existing order. However, if you have delivered what you say you will, Fiverr can’t (or shouldn’t cancel an order). The only way for your buyer to get a refund would be to use a credit card chargeback. When you ask buyers to place separate orders, it makes chargebacks easier to challenge.

Of course, you could end up with an evil review. All you can do in the future is never work with anyone who asks for discounts.


:sob: I hate this feeling. Unfortunately since i was genuinely trying to help his brand, part of the offer is that it had unlimited revision, because i truly believe he was as good guy.


Then your options are to either keep doing revisions until he’s happy, or to cancel the order.

For future reference, never offer unlimited revisions, for any reason, to anyone.


Thank you for the suggestions. I feel like at this point. I will take a hit for negative reviews regardless. He obviously backed out on his words and stuff we agreed upon and now wanting what he originally wanted for the cheap “discount” price.

are us seller just have to sit there and bite our tongue?


We’re supposed to act professional at all times, if that’s what you’re asking.

Also, if you offer unlimited revisions, you have to keep working on the order until the buyer is satisfied.


I meant more along the line of if there’s supposedly shady buyers like that. We can’t report them or anything?


You can try reporting him, but CS might tell you to work it out with the buyer (or they could just cancel the order, if you ask them to). You did accept to work with him even after he kept demanding discounts, and you did agree to unlimited revisions, so I’m not sure that CS can do anything in this case unless the buyer becomes abusive.


I’m currently trying to reason with him, so we’ll see. Worse case i’ll just get ban from Fiverr or something

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You won’t get banned unless you break the rules.

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Reporting is for when a seller or buyer violates Fiverr’s terms of service.

Else, you’re expected to handle your customer interactions yourself.
Your Fiverr profile/gigs is a storefront you have on this platform, and so you need to adhere to Fiverr’s rules, but it’s still your business, and if you feel as if offering unlimited revisions is something smart to do to get orders or as a marketing gimmick, you have to ride it out if someone takes you up on it. It’s not as if Fiverr told you to offer unlimited revisions.
Unlimited revisions is a nonsense thing, if anyone needs unlimited revisions, either there’s something wrong with them or you offer something you shouldn’t offer at all.


I was being naive and nice, since again, i was passionate about what they do and wanted to help. I didn’t think he would turn it around like that. Thank you to you guys advice on the unlimited thing. I thought it’s just a thing that everyone does so i does it too.


Definitely not, and no worries, you can be very passionate about what you do without offering unlimited revisions. You might not have looked at enough gigs when you decided that’s what everyone does. But you can find countless forum threads where unlimited revisions went wrong and telling you it’s no good idea. It’s not the end of the world though, live and learn :slight_smile:


I’ve recently started a new strategy of trying to reason with myself before buyers. If you have no other orders pressing and the time, you need to weigh up whether it would just be better for you to bite the bullet and please this buyer, or take a hit on your Fiverr account stats that will reduce your long-term likelihood of getting future orders. .

If you have offered unlimited revisions, you also need to accept that you have promised to work on this order until your buyer is happy.


Thank you for the advice. You’re very right on that. and as @miiila saids too. Live and learned. I will never accept anyone that’s asking for a discount gain as well as Not to offer unlimited revision… Totally not worth it.

I think i just need to sleep it off. I’m super jet lag right now so i don’t think it helps with the frustration.

To be honest, after dealing with him for 5 days +, at this point, even if i live up to that unlimited revision and gave him all the opywrite in the world, he will still give me bad review… for $15…? I should be on vacation right now and enjoying time in Tokyo… here I am… getting frustrated and annoyed.

Oh, in that case you definitely should not waste more time on this than absolutely needed, enjoy Tokyo :slight_smile:


that’s what is happening to me now. He just opened up a dispute and try to cancel the order. For me perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise. Will be be able to write a bad review for me still if i accept to cancel?

I went back to the chat log of our convo as well, and Never once have he mentioned that he just me to “Tweak” or “rewrite” HIS copywriting.

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Hey btw you don’t have to worry about fake negative reviews from the buyer because sellers also have the option of reviewing buyers so tit for tat hope it helps

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Even if you choose to take the hit for a negative review, if you ever, now or in the future, refuse to do a revision for him, he can get a refund. Unlimited revisions means forever, the rest of your life if he wants them.

I don’t give discounts. If anyone is asking for a discount I don’t want them for a client. This can be the result.

So you can cancel or you can refuse to cancel. How badly do you need that $12 you will get?

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No money is worth me being that stressed out or feeling uncomfortable. I have accepted his cancellation request and let him be on his way so i can enjoy my vacation in peace.

Thank you so much for your words.