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Powerful Notification Sound for Available Now

I have using available now beta option since last month and I got blocked once because of missing messages, Sometimes I switch on the option and get naps and the small tick sound which received when someone messages Isn’t make any sense :frowning: I am just sleeping, by the way I would like to suggest a powerful alarm sound for fiverr available now option or few notification sounds to select to users.

Any more suggestions ?

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Yes, we need a powerful sound. I want a sound to wake me up even in my deep sleep. :sleeping:

A :cyclone: Hurricane/Tornado :tornado: siren sound would be perf! :ok_hand:t4:


It would be great to have some notification options such as the sound volume or different sounds for different things. It would also be great to be able to mute certain notifications such as those “tell your buyer you have all you need” etc.

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Yes sir ! that would be great

can we add custom javascript and change notification sound in our side?..

Totally agree with you

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HA HA…buyers dont need to wait If fiverr add this siren sound as Notification sound :rofl::smile::rofl::smile:

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How to add powerful alarm sound in fiverr