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Powerful Spell Caster 100 % feedback

Hi Friends!!!

I was put in this planet to help people that’s my passion!!!

Here on Fiverr I love it because I get to help people from all over the world!!! And for $5 how amazing is that!!???

Read my feedback 100 %positive all my customers are really happy with my work!

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And I was put in place to point out how Fragglesrock people would be, to actually purchase from a fragglesrock con artist like YOU!


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Unfortunately, many people are unable to recognize their own cognitive dissonance, or to realize that anecdotes are proof of absolutely nothing. (Supernatural claims are nothing but anecdotes). They don’t understand scientific theory or rational thinking or even Occum’s razor/principle of parsimony. Frankly, it’s often easier for them to accept unreasonable, ridiculous notions than make the effort to understand why those notions are unreasonable & ridiculous! And the internet has made it easier for those beliefs to persist, and for people to be scammed out of money.

What I truly hate hearing is the excuse, “Oh, what does it matter? They-the fortune tellers, mediums and that ilk-are not hurting anyone”, and of course that’s not true at all. They hurt people by giving them false hopes and beliefs, by taking peoples’money, by diverting them from taking common sense steps in their lives. They hurt people when they make false claims about communicating with deceased loved ones (my personal pet peeve). Ultimately, claiming to have some sort of supernatural power feeds into already-inflated egos. (“I’m special/I have a special purpose. I know things you don’t know. You can’t do the things I do”).

Reply to @celticmoon: I just had someone post their left-wing “They’re not hurting anybody” stupidity. On the other post this con artist put up.

Please copy this response of yours, to THAT post as well. :slight_smile:

I definitely see your point celticmoon, appreciate it and for the most part agree. I also believe there is merit in letting people choose for themselves. I’m not left wing, right wing or any wing for that matter, I just don’t think forcing the truth down peoples throats or degrading them is productive. Mostly I find it makes people believe in the illusion even more, like a teenager rebelling against the parents that know all to well what’s going to happen.

People make bad choices no matter what they are told, in every aspect of their lives, hurt themselves and hopefully they recover and grow from the experience. No one is ever born perfect and we cannot protect each other from everything. We learn our lessons ( eventually ) and are better for it. We will never rid this world of things that hurt us, bad experiences, people or choices, but we can definitely learn to recognize them and avoid these things if possible, but not through degradation.

Also, absolutely no one is forcing them to believe or buy the service. They choose to believe and choose to buy. They are not unwilling “victims”.

As for the seller, if they actually believe they can perform the service do you really think they are going to be convinced by an internet bashing that they are wrong, especially if they receive reassurance from their “victims” ? Probably not, I think the bashing is more so for your own satisfaction than helping people. (not you celticmoon).

But again just my opinion :slight_smile: .