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Now you can make Professional eCommerce theme to boost your business it is fully automatic with ability of invoicing, inventory, customer, vendor, orders, and pricing system.

Moreover free technical support is provided to customer for long term approach even you can put all the products and category data from excel files into word file

The store comes with 3 different features and with 3 different prices

1st normal eCommerce store

2nd Multi eCommerce store, means all the products or resource on one website will be shared with all domains or multi store. useful for grabbing more market share

3rd, Multi Seller and Multi Vendor where customer can login and post there own products in your store to sell and get amount and owern of store get commission mostly like ebay but in terms of store only

all the following features will be in 3 system


Unlimited Categories

Unlimited Products

Unlimited Manufacturers



Product Reviews

Product Ratings

Downloadable Products

PCI Compliant

Automatic Image Resizing

Multiple Tax Rates

Related Products

Unlimited Information Pages

Shipping Weight Calculation

Discount Coupon System

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Unlimited Module Instance System

Backup & Restore Tools



Multi Seller and Vendors

(New) Multi Seller and Vendors eCommerce

Means user can register your website and can sell there products through your site and get earning, the admin will have full write to get commission or sale fees or royalty fees based on number of product sell by user

the seller can even buy other products from users also

The seller can see his or her balance and can request for payout if sufficient funds are made based available

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https://www.fiverr.com/ecommercestore/make-an-ecommerce-website?funnel=201501220917090706992660 - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/53908/ecommere-with-ability-of-multi-store-and-multi-seller-and-vendors#sthash.rcgWDtve.dpuf