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Powerpoint Expert. Professional ways to ensure Buyer's satisfaction

Buyer’s remain the number 1 priority in any platform be it online or offline. How well you handle your clients will determine if they will return, refer you or avoid you. When I first started fiverr, I wasn’t really sure on how to ensure clients gets maximum satisfaction. It took a while having interacted with the good, the bad and the Impatient. I got to realize the best ways of rendering a happy customer service.

*Always ensure you understand the project carefully before beginning the task and not just for the clients money. You might be very good at what you do but a little mistake can throw impatient buyer’s into giving you a negative feedback without asking for review.

  • Always guarantee 100% MONEY BACK if not satisfied. This way your client knows you are not just after the money but you are confident on the quality of service
  • Always deliver extra service and on their own they will help you get referrals
    *If you encounter a very abusive client, keep calm excise patience deliver quality and if the clients is still not satisfied, 100% MONEY Back guarantee will keep your reputation
  • Lastly know your onions before setting up the gig if you are really good at what you do, your work will announce you and with little promotions of your gigs, you are sure to receive endless clients. Remember Buyers are Gold not money. Happy Buying and selling.

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