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Powerpoint virus?

Hey guys,

In the last 24 hours I got a few similar messages by clients from the same country. All they say is something like they like my work, they need a few illustrations for their website and they are sending me powerpoint file so I can see info for each illustration on slides.

So I downloaded one of these .ppt files and tried to open it and I got a message by Powerpoint saying it may contain malicious files so of course I closed it and deleted it. Right after that I contacted one of these clients asking if they can send me screenshots of .ppt file since I can’t open it. This person was online but didn’t reply what seemed little weird but okay. Some time after that I noticed that my antivirus program is deleted and I ran one other program and it showed I had around 10 trojan viruses which is super weird to me because I didn’t download anything in a long time except files that buyers send me.

Did anyone experience anything similar to this? I’m really weirded out by this since nothing similar ever happened to me

Yeah - there are increasing numbers of complaints about viruses from scammers.

Never open any document file that may contain executable files - docx, pptx etc. Ask for pdf version instead.

Don’t open zip files either, without checking them carefully.

You really need to be careful about buyers sending files … not all of them (buyers) are legit …

Thank you for info. I guess I was little too trusting since a lot of my previous clients used to send me word and powerpoint files and I never had any problems with it

Most will be fine … but as you discovered, some of them are a problem. You should report that buyer …

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Well, this was already a massive red flag.

Tip: always Google usernames or entire suspicious messages, especially if they’ve ended in your spam folder. People like this always reuse usernames.

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