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Ppl not completing orders!

Hey! I need some tips! This week I had 6 orders. All of them were express orders because they needed them in less than 12 hrs. So I did a big effort and delivered them on time! but after I did, none of the 6 completed the order!! And they were in a hurry! (supposedly). Any suggestions that I can apply for my next orders? How can I minimize this? I also have a question, can someone cancel an order like, 1 hour before the 3 days deadline finish?

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They will be completed automaticly in three days. They can request modification, I am not sure how you can cancel after you receive your order. I am still new too.

ty for the replies!! I’m not bothered about the express delivers. I’m just worried about ppl not completing the order even when they need it fast…

It seems you think they can’t get their hand on the order unless they complete it?

It doesn’t work that way.

They don’t need to complete orders if they don’t want to. You deliver the work and they just simply download it.

It’s unpleasant, but it’s how it work… :-<

So if a buyer does not complete the order, we don’t get paid?

Reply to @mimie01: We still do! After 3 days it’ll automatically marked as complete ed by the system. But there would be no feedback and rating. Some say that buyer could return later to give feedback on months old orders just because they want more from sellers.

Let them be, shady stuff never pays off.

Let them be, shady stuff never pays off.

Hi miacmht, do not worry much if you did what you were told to from the buyers. Even if they return and give you bad reviews, you can always screenshot the conversations to the CS and ask them to delete the reviews, if what they say is not true.

Do not worry much and move on.

Ask them politely to add review, then they’ll mark it as complete and give you feedback :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for your replies!

@miacmht You were right, that was exactly what I was thinking! thank you for the advice :wink: