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PR article distribution suggestions

Hello. I have a good PR distribution service. I am seeking ways to make it better. Does anyone have suggestions on how to submit PRess releases to PR sites and other publications without paying a very large fee? Some fees are $59 prepress release.? I am just starting out on Fiverr, and I’m seeking a cost effective method. I have utilized the free PR sites. My buyers desire distribution on a broad range of sites where they can see them posted. Immediately. They want broad guarantees. However, Google and other sites do not accept multiple submissions through Magic Submitter and other similar software. Can someone please give me advice. Thanks!

I buy PR distribution services through Fiverr but only from people who have agency accounts with a few big players like PR Buzz. If you really want to offer your buyers the best service possible, you will probably have to pay either $500-$1000 for your own agency subscription with one or more of the big PR companies or simply submit articles for release through existing sellers who already have such accounts.

Of course, in the latter case, you will have to mark up your own prices somehow and you should also let the sellers you use know that you intend to resell their services.

Ok. Thanks. That’s a great idea. Didn’t know we could do so. Thanks!

Can you share with me what Fiverr groups have a PR Buzz account?

I don’t know of any ‘groups’ as such but I would simply recomend that you do a search for the best selling PR distribution people on Fiverr. I use different sellers and always write my own press releases which makes things cheaper but in any case you should test out a few yourself prior to sending them work from your own clients just to be certain of the quality and level of service,

Ok. Thanks.