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Practical gigs vs Strange gigs


Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has had this experience. This is my second profile on fiverr, with my first profile I was able to reach level one seller in almost no time flat by basically selling air, I was selling a 468x60 ad space on my website. I was doing good until Yahoo News got mad at me and shut me down (I ran a news website). I ended up redesigning my domain, but the site no longer gets the traffic it once did so I do not feel right selling ad space so I created a new fiverr profile with a branded user name and started selling something practical, 3-D animated videos.

With my first profile, I did almost no self promotion at all and still made $136 my first week and made level one seller after a week and a half.

Now with my second profile, I am trying to do things in a more professional way. I set up paid promotion of my fiverr profile with Microsoft, Yahoo and Bing. I have a website fully dedicated to nothing but my fiverr gigs, social networking pages with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter fully dedicated to my fiverr gigs and I drop links to my gigs everywhere that I can yet this time I am getting almost no views to my gigs.

I would much rather be known for selling a high quality product like I am doing now than going back to selling false hope or do something crazy like selling magic spells, stripping down to a thong and singing or acting a fool, but these seem to be the gigs that are making the most money.

Can anyone offer advice in this area? What more can I do to make my new profile a bigger success than my first one without lowering myself to the point of selling ad space again or doing something really crazy like sing and dance wearing a giant foam peanut on my head?


Reply to @arnevb: I agree. That is exactly why I came back under a new profile, so I could sell what I love rather than doing something that makes me feel bad at the end of the day. Even my own wife had a profile where she was writing happy birthday on the side of her head and quit doing that when I decided to do this. I just miss those sales.


I started this business almost two months ago and I’m starting to feel, that stupid gigs are more welcomed than practical ones… and like you said, almost no views, the frontpage only shows the ones with persons presenting own gigs, and always the same are there… the search function is useless… and so one. I’m not here to brag, because I’m fresh, but it kills my will. Too bad I’ve overlooked fiverr, I could start such gigs already two years ago and probably made it better through.


I have to agree that out of the box gigs are more successful than the real world application gigs. I offer gigs related to web development, proofreading, video conversion, transcription etc. and though I don’t get that many orders, I still am happy because I’m at a stage where I can confidently say that I can pay off my internet and phone bills as long as I’m active on Fiverr. And this comes within 40 days of setting up my first gig.

Of course, to see other gigs do well that do not take as much effort as my gigs do does drain me down, but that’s life. They are being rewarded for doing something unique which I don’t have the guts to do. Having said that I thank my stars for having me stumble upon such a wonderful medium to earn some spare cash. I can only hope that I can emulate the successful sellers here one day and be in a position to use the revenues for something big.


All I see you doing is 3D gigs, I dont see any website advertising that you have? I would like to know how much traffic that previous site had and how much traffic a site needs to get good sales here when selling ad space. I have a website that I get around 10,000 views per month, but I dont know if that is enough to advertise it here. Also, since you cant list outside website, how do you even do that?


Reply to @beatcraigslist: Yes, it was a previous profile. I was getting about 1000 hits a day then after Yahoo blocked my ads and my IP my hits dropped to about 100 a day. Just not worth it to me. The way I did it was just to promote the ad space and when I got an order I would just place the banner on an open spot on my blog and then when I delivered the order I was permitted to give the URL to the customer. I also provided screenshots showing the placement.

The main reason I am upset that the stupid gigs made more is because I just spent over 4k buying imaging software thinking I would make it back in no time. I found a 16 year old kid on here that is making 120k a year selling something that there is no possible way he can deliver on. He claims to give tons of youtube channel views and there is no way to verify channel views. The kid is scamming people and making a killing. I’m an honest man that spent money to make it and not a single gig has more than 5 views. Makes me sick.


I think you mis-understand. What I mean by “lowering myself” is that I won’t sell ad space for a site that only gets a hundred or so hits a day because CTR’s are just way to low for it to be worth it to the buyer. I am also a professional tattoo artist with a name to protect so acting like a fool to make video’s would be a bad thing for me.

If you provide a quality product then this wasn’t about you. It’s about the people who put foil in their hair and act like a nut job secret crush, or sell 10,000 youtube channel views and all they do is post a link on thair Facebook page and call it delivered, or even say you will lift a curse or put a curse on someone. Those are the ones that should not be making more money than the quality gigs with a real product to sell. It’s just wrong.

I know all about re-investing into your fiverr business. As I said before, I just shelled out over 4k buying Corel Video Studio Pro, Corel Motion studio 3D and AutoDesk Motion Builder 2013 just so I could learn to make higher quality animations to sell on here so I insure my buyers get a quality product.

I’m a little worried because I took the funds from my studio profits to get the software thinking I would make it back fast. I hope I do, lol


@flashofinsanity - I think it’s all about what people are willing to do. I’m not complaining that my gigs don’t sell hugely yet because it hasn’t been very long.

I don’t imagine humiliating myself in any fashion on here, but lots of people aren’t necessarily demeaning themselves… I would not wear a bikini and dance around, but if you can make it work for you and you want to I say go for it! I don’t think it will add a hill of beans to one’s life professionally, but if for whatever reason it sells, there’s not much harm in doing it.

Yes, there are some sellers who make lots of money doing next to nothing, including scamming. I don’t think the scam gigs are sustainable(likes on facebook, phony twitter followers etc).

Incidentally I do not consider selling advertising on a website as “lowering myself.” I hope to do something just like that when the time is right.

I’m trying to come up with a couple creative gigs, but I’m not going to rush and put out something ridiculous. I’m trying to craft a couple well produced ideas.

I’m looking at developing a puppet gig and a character/testimonial gig, but I don’t like “cheap” attempts. I’m not being snobby. I just look at these as a way to be done better with very sharp looking production, and moreover, MEMORABLE -> like the Jesus dude. Oh yeah, you know the Jesus dude. He’s one of my favorites. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t do tarot card readings, messages to boyfriends, magic tricks etc. If it sells, fine, congrats, but I don’t take that kind of stuff super seriously. Mainly I really want to do things that exhibit a professional aptitude because I think it will get me somewhere in the career that I eventually want to have.

I’m blown away and inspired by some of the creative gigs on here. This is a work in progress and it’s really interesting when people can make their levels quickly, but I want a sustainable outcome. I’m not in a “rush.” I am all down for the slow but strong build.


I would advice you to not take it too seriously. I am on fiverr from 10 months and barely made sales close to level 1. I am still happy cause i use fiverr for fun and i have a well paying business of my own. Most of people use fiverr for fun activity and those who look for serious job come to person like you and me. We should not judge anyway quality of gigs other people offering we should rather look for self satisfaction in our job. Let them do what make big bucks and let us do what make everybody satisfied.


That is the beauty of FIVERR - there is something for EVERYONE!