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Practical Ways to Optimize the Way You Work as a Freelancer

I’ve been working with Fiverr PR and outreach to spread the good word about the Fiverr platform and encourage more buyers and sellers to sign up. As part of that, I was asked to contribute an unpaid guest blog post to SideHustle Nation, a popular blog on how to setup different income streams and be successful in freelancing, eCommerce, or any one of dozens of different side projects or “hustles.”

I am a complete productivity and automation geek, and one thing I am often asked about is how do you optimize your work as a freelancer? Well, the post I wrote is an attempt to answer that question as completely as possible. It’s 4,000 words covering 25 tips, techniques, and methods that freelancers can use to work more efficiently, effectively, and quickly across four areas:

  • Finding work.
  • Managing clients.
  • Dealing with admin.
  • Doing chargeable work.

It’s a collection of all the techniques I have honed over the last few years, and I truly hope that some of the methods I discuss will help you work better and get paid more. You can read the post here:

I’d be grateful for any thoughts you all have on ways to optimize further.

Written in conjunction with Fiverr PR and permission granted by forum moderators to post a link to external content from the Fiverr forum. Thank you.


Pinned because I have been picking on Paul about his hat a bit too much lately.

This is something that will help. Most of the time the sellers don’t know how to handle stuff, a great job out there. Kudos to you. Appreciated

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Wow thank you! I am sure this will come to use for my freelance journey :slight_smile:


Thank you! This is very useful info for us freelancers.



Great article mate. Kudos!

  • Saiekrishna

It is a good article for every seller . so flows this Technic .


Thanks for this great post! I always tell my students to learn the complete methods needed to succeed as a freelancer. If you have them… you will thrive, no matter what.
Great Job Paul! :slight_smile:

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Paul, my main issue is maintaining focus and not getting distracted by the news, social media, politics and other stuff. How do you manage to do that?

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Boredom is what makes you distracted. If you are getting distracted while working, it means that you are not able to give your 100% to your work. Just try to enjoy your work more than you do now (I know you are a workaholic), and do it like it is the most important thing that can ever be. Don’t think that you are being under-payed or it is just another day, live every moment like it is your last.

PS: I am reminding this to myself too. I myself get distracted very easily.


Great advice chotey bhai, great advice indeed.


You are very important in the words, a cellar and buyer can learn a lot from now on. I liked it very much.

Which tool and technique part was the most helpful to you? I am mainly into the SEO, so “Monitor Social Media for Keywords” was the one for me.

Thanks for the post. It was fun reading and it was totally helpful. I hope we will get more tips like this in future. Kudos!

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Two methods.

  1. Embrace the procrastination - put aside an hour or two each day when you’re not feeling guilty about being distracted.

  2. Use an app like Cold Turkey - it prevents you visiting certain websites at certain times - very helpful!


Thank you very much for sharing :grinning: