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"Prank and Stunts" category no longer available?


I noticed the “Prank and Stunts” gig section in “Fun and Lifestyle” category is no longer there. I don’t know if it’s recently or long time been removed; only noticed now.
Anyone knows why?

I don’t have/created any gig in that section; just sometimes browsing there, looking at some potential gig that I might be interested to request some fun things. Some previous gigs that I saw look kind of cool and fun though.


I think they have deleted it, Fiverr made me reword a recent video I posted in relation to me offering to do a funny video for a friend


Maybe they thought some stunts could be dangerous. Maybe they’re trying to make Fiverr more serious/professional (eg. like with the Fiverr Pro), though they still keep things like the Fiverr Error 404 message.