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Pray for me, I am new here!

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If you are new in fiver as a seller, before creating a gig you have to research fiver gig.
Then you have to create the perfect gig.
Then you have to marketing your gig.
After that try to active more and more. Hope you will succeed.


Hi @freelansulayman ,
Welcome to the biggest freelancing marketplace Fiverr and the largest Fiverr Community.
Always be honest with your work and never go against the Fiverr rules. Hope you will achieve success from Fiverr.
Follow these steps and I wish you will get your order soon.
First of all do proper research about your job category and find some best unique keywords. Then make a perfect gig based on the keywords. You can put these keywords in the gig description. Make sure that your gig title and description must be a unique one.
Second thing is that Daily send effective buyer request.
And remember one thing that is never ever violate fiverr rules.
Hope that you will get your first order very soon.

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Welcome to Fiverr market.

Most welcome. Best wishes to your success.

thank you so much :heart:


thank you dear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Welcome! the largest Fiverr Community.

Same too. I also can’t improve the gig after trying a lot.