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Pre-order communication


can someone help on how to communicate to a seller before I order, i.e would like to know details on samples he has done and if he will be the right person to do my project by asking questions…I have tried the inbox but the seller takes time to answer and now its been two days I have not heard from him whilst it shows he is online sometimes.


Then try to contact other seller! All sellers are not same.


Is this how you treat your potential buyers. You don’t even try to explain
why you did not respond to me within the given time, I am a first time
potential buyer if this is a representation of fiverr than you people are a


I just said that all sellers are not same. May be he is busy or may be he is handling his current orders. God knows better that why the seller is not replying you. But as I said before all sellers are not same on fiverr. You should also try to contact other sellers, they will reply you.


It also happened once or twice to me to not see the messages because they were somehow marked as read. If you really want to work with that specific seller then try to send another message and if it shows him online and they still don’t reply in a few hours then like @muhammad_osman said, try to find another seller. No need to insult all the people working here because you had one negative experience.


As a seller I can say I’m MORE than happy if someone contacts me before, especially as I try to get weekends off (I work two jobs so by Saturday I’m DEAD and it’s a big shocker to get a large order due in a few days with no notice. If I’m PMed before, I appreciate it a lot…) BUT as it’s been said before we are ALL different. Some of us are alert 24/7, some of us need some time away - or CAN’T be on alert 24/7. If one seller doesn’t respond, write to another one. You may have more luck with them :smiley:


I am sorry Muhammed rant went out of order I will give him a few more hours
than give other people a try thanks for the advice and will work on it soon


Hope your buyers are not reading this, girl (this is a public Forum) not sure if that’s what a potential buyer would like to read from a seller… :thinking:


True that. Will edit it. I’m really dead tired and forgot for a moment :frowning:
(Thanks tho)


+1 to @muhammad_osman - There are probably heaps of reasons why the buyer hasn’t replied. I can only speak for myself when I say that if the customer requirement is VERY specific or complex and I am away from my desk, I may read the message on my phone but I may not always be able to reply. I can definitely appreciate your frustration; it goes a long way as a buyer to get a quick message from the seller saying “i’ve got your message and I will reply soon”


There is your answer then… part of the interview process is response time. If someone is not responding that seller is clearly not the person for the job.


I like pre-order communication as long as it is straight to the point (not get off the rails, or go round and round).


I’m sorry you are having this experience. Usually I would find another buyer, you can see what their average response time is on their profile. Good sellers always have samples avaliable and answer promptly, thats why I go to Top Rated sellers.


As a seller, I need to choose who I can and want to work with.
If someone sends a message asking what I clearly explained in the gig description, it means that for $4 I will spend however long it takes me to do the work + TWO hours messaging back and forth.
This also includes some cases of requests for samples—if my gig portfolio has samples already/if I can’t share other types of samples because of TOS.

I am more than happy and willing to spend a lot of time communicating when necessary (for example, when editing someone’s writing: I’ll send as many messages as I need in order to make sure I understand what they meant to say, or when a stranger has a problem and needs to talk).

But after spending literally hours explaining how Fiverr works (Fiverr–not my gig) to several people, I realized that it is work and time and not my job. And will probably end up in a bad review in any case. :confused:


@alfredkaizirege Communication plays a great role. if he is not replying then may be he will also do the same with the order you should just change the seller and contact others :slight_smile: Cheers