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Precise advice, editing, analysis and interpretation!

Hello! I hope you’re all staying safe during these difficult times.

I made a few gigs in March but I still haven’t had my first order yet. I’m hoping someone will take a chance on me so I can finally get my Fiverr business going! :slight_smile:

I just created a new editing gig. Throughout my University experience I saw a lot of people struggle with writing assignments and papers, but I always enjoyed helping if I could. I know that a lot of students are desperate to get the highest marks possible––which means having the best paper possible.

My main passion is psychology. I am trying to save up enough money so that I can go to grad school to get my Masters degree.

Please have a look at my gigs and let me know if you have any suggestions. I offer advice, handwriting analysis and dream interpretation. Maybe you’ll be my very first customer? :slight_smile:

You might have some luck if you just go film a short video, even if its just using a phone, to explain to potential buyers what you do, so they can get to know you.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I think I will try that. :grin:


dream interpretation is a passion of mine and i’ve ordered a few of these gigs in my time here. i fear that your dream gig is a little expensive, compared to the competition that is. for instance, i purchased one gig and got a really nice interpretation over two messages, plus a three card tarot reading all for $5. £15 would get you 9 cards, and so more depth. in this instance, i already pretty much knew what the dream was about, and i purposefully left out some relevant waking world info because i wanted to test them out for future engagements, with that in mind the quality of their work was amazing. i’m gonna use them again as soon as i have another dream

anyway, i was wondering, if i ordered your gig with the in depth analyses, what would i get for my £63.34 with fees? lets say i sent you a page and a half of dream + information, how would you send your interpretation? roughly how many pages or message or wotnot could i expect? your other gigs seem more reasonable, but i personally probably wouldn’t take the chance of the dream gig when there are so many cheaper options. it looks like i could get 5 days worth of advice from you for less

that being said, no one seems to be doing dream interpretation on video. if you could offer your service as a video, maybe do something quirky like include a tarot reading or rune cast, and offer the chance to ask questions afterwards, that might give you the edge and you may be able to to charge your $20 and get customers. that being said, since you havn’t had any orders i don’t know what i would get if i were to order a gig now

i hope that helps in any way :slight_smile:

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You make a very good point!

I suppose I arrived at that price because in my experience dream-analysis can (and probably should) be more time-consuming compared to giving regular advice.

I really appreciate you taking the time to help me. You asked some great questions and made me realize that I need to be more clear about what people can expect when ordering. I don’t do tarot reading or rune casting, but I will consider the video idea. :smile:

Thank you so much!

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