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Premium gigs starting $500+


Dear Fiverr Team,

As everyone known “Fiverr is a Great Innovation”. As a Top Rated seller I like to share an idea with you.

Up to now you have given many options to increase sellers’ income while increasing the quality and quantity of product we are selling such as gig packages, promoted gigs, Featuring, etc. I have another idea to have a section for high priced gigs (like special gigs or premium gigs). We know already we can decide our gig price with packages. But here i suggest to have a seperate section for premium servises. at leat starting at $500.

As a logo designer, I know proffesional logo designers starting their design price at $1000+. Their design quality also very high. There are many talented designers and already they are giving their service with a low budget due to high competition. This is not only for logo designers (need to apply for all categories).

Those special gigs should be selected by fiverr team with high standard parameters. Like you already selecting Featured gigs. As well as you need to strictly monitor them strictly to maintain the quality of gig and service.

(This is just an idea. Lover to fiverr forever)

What are your thoughts on the new Fiverr feature: Fiverr PRO?
Mods and Fiverr Staff - Curious about if / how feedback from the forums is fed back to Fiverr support / product development
Does Fiverr Actually Act Upon Suggestions Made on the Forum?

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It will definitely come one day. Some form of premium services that’s for sure!

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I thought this myself recently and think it would work really well. I thought of an “easy” way of implementing it having initially thought about a couple of issues - namely that everyone would just list some premium services but would end up just having (for example) the same copy and paste logos as are available at $5.

If those who wanted to offer premium services had to be manually reviewed either by staff or a “select peer group” from each category. To apply there would be a fee to cover costs and to stop just anyone trying to be accepted when they really are not good enough.
There is definitely a market for it - there was a buyer on the forum recently who was willing to spend big money on an original logo but was going crazy because all he was seeing was low quality cookie cutter stuff and nobody would discuss or engage with him. 20% of $500 is $100 for Fiverr - could be really worthwhile for them to set this up.


I think it would require some changes to the current payment system, though. Few sellers are going to be touching a premium gig without some safety nets on their side should a buyer do what they sometimes do.


Indeed, however that is a separate issue which needs to be sorted regardless - not just by Fiverr.

The dream would be that it would only be available to “Top Rated Buyers” and that TRB would actually have some requirements and thresholds. How about that for a reason to implement proper usage of Buyer reviews!


It would have to be a little better than the current crown sellers (whatever their name is). I’m still not sure what their exact designation is, or what you need to do/spend to become one. What would those requirements/thresholds be? All my thoughts are rather cumbersome and quite possibly over the top.

Besides, I am pretty sure this is a pipedream: Fiverr HQ could turn around and say that sellers are able to get jobs of up to $10k, so we’re not doing this. But let’s say they did, it would likely introduce a new tier of seller: Premium Seller over TRS, for example, and we all know how the forum loves to squabble about the unfairness…

So, let’s say a Premium Seller meets a TRB. Fiverr’s done all it can to vet the seller from beginning to end, and literally 99.99% of the time they do an amazing job. Fiverr will back them up unless something went wrong. This seller would be honest enough to know whether a job was suitable for them, and accept or cancel (there’s a thought: the TRB get an account w/ Fiverr and staff sort through it all to find appropriate sellers and issue limited bidding? Or something).

The way it is now, however–and you know this from a recent exp. that I guess went well–is that while most of us can suffer the occasional chargeback at regular rates for small to x-size jobs, the implications of a “TRB” running away with the cash on the regular system would be more than just demoralizing. So my cumbersome approach would be to dress it up in glittery sparkledust and make the Mister Big Spenders sign a legal agreement (or whatever) along with ditching PayPal for something else.

But even as I write that, I know that’s problematic. a) you can already go big bucks b) it’s a lot of work for a system that works most of the time c) I can sense the seething antagonism from some circles already and d) I’m not sure this is really on Fiverr’s horizons.

That said, this idea has been floated about in different variants–I seem to remember some poster suggesting last year that there could be a Fiverr site for small jobs and a new Fiverr site for everything else. That has its own problems, of course–but a solution could be to make a “new Fiverr” and advertise it on here for buyers looking to spend bigger bucks, and only proven (not just by automatic levels, but also human vetting) sellers are there.

Either way, a lot of things need an overhaul if anything remotely close to this is going to happen.

(I would call the new site Fiverr+ Professional or something! Dem premium seller gonna want differing levels of premium service if it’s a pick-a-gig style site!)


Requirements could be a combination of anything really - time on site, money spent, number of orders, seller’s reviews or most useful, a combination of these with a certain ratio. ie. a buyer who has been here 2 years (positive) but made 2 purchases (negative) with a combined value of $2000 (positive) should not be a TRB. Someone who has been here a year, made weekly purchases with a combined total of $2000 and has 40 x five star reviews from sellers should be a TRB. A very loose idea but parameters could be set according to site norms in terms of the “profile” (not location but spending habits) of those who chargeback and those who are long term buyers.

The biggest issue with the whole concept is of course, the payment issue - as you say, bigger value, bigger impact. Yes, I have experienced a big job recently and all went exceptionally well (although technically, there is still 3 months til I am actually in the clear from a potentially devastating chargeback).
The thing is, I have turned down opportunities to do similar sized projects, and I will never do a $10k order (or allow a buyer to spend that kind of money with multiple orders within a short space of time) simply because of the risk involved. It is not just the risk, it is the not knowing how a chargeback with an order of this size would be handled. The big $5k chargeback reported on the forum was sorted out positively but my own $100 one was not and the buyer involved is still active here. There is no real public protocol for this situation and having looked into it quite a bit, nobody else does either. It is always hit and miss. I would love Fiverr to be Doers and be the first platform to say that they really value their sellers and will rigorously defend against unfair chargebacks.

The solution I see to this seems exceptionally simple and is probably not an original one.
A clear process, outside of normal CS, to be set up for chargebacks alone - 1 or 2 people could probably manage it, especially as PP allow 30 days for an initial response. Their job would be to internally assess whether a seller delivered through a report form of some kind that a seller fills in etc. They then agree or disagree with the seller - if they agree then they go to PP and fight it.
Paypal itself is not a difficult system to win a case on, once you have proof of delivery. I would even be happy to pay a small percentage of the money recovered if this was in place.

The premium service I envisage would be limited to certain categories such as logo design, web/app design, potentially SEO and a few others. From what I read, and the number of posts on the forum about these categories, these are the ones which are extremely problematic. If I want to find a logo designer who will draw from scratch, send me sketches/concepts initially, work in an ongoing process etc and I am willing to pay $500+ for this, I need to sift through 40,000 gigs for this. The featured and TRS of logo design generally do not offer this service off the bat and the search system is not good enough to whittle these down for me.

As for differing levels - people need to be (nicely) told to stop moaning about it. I don’t think TRS gives a big difference in sales, it doesn’t appear that way to me anyway.
Levels could do with an overhaul for sure - the gap between lev 2 seller with 50 sales and TRS is vast, a level 3 could be introduced. That said, the system being based on number of sales has been outgrown and should have been updated/upgraded when packages/bespoke pricing was introduced. A premium gig seller (or anyone for that matter) might only have 5-10 gigs sold per month but earn $5k. That would stop them ever getting up to level 2 yet the guys with 50 x $5 sales are leveled up within 2 months!


Yes. Agree with you. as i mentioned this gigs should be strictly monitored by a seperate team of fiverr. As well as there sould be a post monitoring system also (about delivered service).


i think this happened by new sellers. Because they don’t bother about protect their account. Fiverr need to control creating multiple seller accounts.


This topic really got my attention! the logic is totally genuine. I am logo Designer working at local and online freelance. I’ve been working on many top crowd sourcing websites and got minimum 100$/logo. recently I’ve been introduced to fiverr by my friend. and I am here. thing I saw many logo designers are here Willing to work in 5$/10/15$ for logo, seriously? you work hard all day to. make unique logo and paid of that less amount! even I had to create less $ gig to get my first orders.


There are tabs to choose prices of gigs in my section.


Yes. Even it $5 or $50, buyer expecting the highest quality. So we have to work hard for customer satisfaction.


here I talking about prmoting a seperate set of gig by fiverr.


Don’t the tabs to choose the price range do that? They allow buyers to select high priced gigs if they want to.


yes they are. But high price is not always high quality. that is why i ask a new setup under the monitoring of fiverr.


indeed, for an example, I got a success in one of my gig, I had great 2 buyers. but I’ve worked hard almost 2 days for his satisfaction for just a 5$, equally I worked at my local client 5000bucks/Logo (5$= 65bucks here).


Fiverr cannot be responsible for people getting a certain quality and cannot be involved with promising what buyers will receive to that extent.

Then unhappy buyers will be able to blame fiverr directly for large losses if they happen. Fiverr is just a platform for independent sellers.


I know a lawyer that’s selling trademark registration for $500, but he has no reviews. Why? Because he’s asking for too much. There are online places like Legal Zoom and others that offer the same service for a lot less.

New sellers need reviews, and you get those by having low prices.