Prepare for the War


The time has come to become a TRS, Prepare for the War!

Share your profile, excitement and happiness here on 15th January if you become TOP RATED SELLER!


Why did you associate TRS with a war? :thinking: I don’t see why there should be a war to begin with :smiley:

Actually, what kind of war are you referring to if I may ask?


I will be very surprised if a bunch of people become suddenly top rated sellers but who knows. It’s not automatic.


Well, if you check out this discussion, you’ll understand. Many people are feared just because of this evaluation. So, just simply call it WAR!


Many people will become TRS on this 15th and then Fiverr will change the level system again because of too many TRS :joy::joy:


Indeed. But I imagine Fiverr would get an automated list of TRS nominations, and on St. Levels Day they might have a big transparent bowl with small pieces of paper of nominees, for which they’ll make a private lottery party on who’s going to become TRS, which is going to be a quick same-day process :smiley:


I think fiverr will make the process automatic because of too many TRS and as i think that Fiverr has chosen TRS’s already.


I don’t think, they can nominate hundreds of TRS’s at the same day, that’s why they have chosen the TRS’s already which meet the criteria of it :slight_smile:


That’s an over-dramatization of what will happen in three days. This just a new seller levels system – it’s not the end of the world.


Well, then why all of you are feared :wink: Just check that discussion again.


I have created this topic for Fiverr Sellers to share their profile and happiness here if they become TRS.


Yes, the news from La La Land is always very positive.

I personally think I will become a TRS twice and get a golden hamster in a golden wheel trophy like Fiverr secretly dishes out to sellers who pray three times a day to Micha Kaufman.

Pardon me while I now go ride my unicorn to the shops to pick up some life enhancing cigatettes.


I hope you become, but not i’m gonna not become TRS because i don’t meet the criteria yet but I’ll surely become on 15th January of 2019.


Fiverr is opening up a can of worms for customer support.

My wish for 2018 is back to stability, the steadiness of previous years, when the number of orders I would count on was about the same each month, and when I knew that if I did xyz then it would affect my gig placement a certain way.


She can handle it…



I need stability. No more not knowing from month to month if my gigs will have their proper place, if my orders will be way down, if I do something to make a change in my gigs if they will disappear.

I need to know I can cancel an order if I need to without dread.

I don’t know what kind of changes to my gigs I can safely make, or how many orders I can count on, or if my gigs will mysteriously disappear for unknown reason. I need to know what is going to give my gigs an improvement and what will make them go to the last page.

These things were known and could be counted on before.


i am new seller, i have completed only 6 Order. do i need to worry for 15th January?:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Sorry it not war. It’s just judgement for seller activities.


Well, i call it a war.


Why you need to be worry? And i’m also not worried because i’m gonna not become TRS, i don’t meet the criteria yet but I’ll surely become on 15th January of 2019.