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Prepayment for Material expenses?


so I understand Fiverr as a platform for services. My business is designing electronics, so doing the schematics and PCBs layouts. That’s fine because the deliveries are digital.

Sometimes buyers ask me to actually build something. Do I need to put the material costs on the gigs price? Because that way I would need to add another 20%, because Fiverr will charge that in the end. And this will costs that are translated to the buyer again, because I need the money for the goods, not for my work.

Plus, I have to wait for the money, forcing me to pay in advance for my buyer.

One solution may be to tell the buyer to order parts from specific shops to my address. So some shops offer different shipping addresses but some require a special user account or only available in german language.

The most comfortable way (for the buyer) would be a mechanism to allow him to send me money in advance, but that would violate the ToS of Fiverr.

Any other ideas?

Hello, no don’t ask them to send money in advance for parts. You get paid when they order and you will need to buy parts out of your own pocket. Just be sure to add that on to the price of the order. You can send them a custom order with a separate extra they pay for parts.

Buyers are not going to pay in advance for parts and it’s not allowed for them to send you money directly. The only way is for them to place an order.

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Think long and hard about doing his type of work. There’s so much that can go wrong with it and if/when it does go wrong you will be losing money you invested as well as time.
I’d strongly suggest coming up with another solution than paying for it yourself. Whatever it takes to ensure they can order it for you is a better option than prepaying yourself.
It’s just leaving you wide open to being taken advantage of.