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Presentation design

I am designer who specializes in presentation design. I build clean, modern and effective presentations with extra fast delivery .My services will include high quality images and
HD graphics.
Please give me an order I will do work so Fast and complete your project.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me order. And I will give you satisfy work.


I can’t believe this happening… :woman_facepalming:

Stop begging for orders at the forum… No one will “give you” an order this way. Make efforts, do research, work hard, and you will get an order, but don’t do this… Don’t ask to “give you” an order


Why did you put this in the forum category the “Ranting Pot”?

I wish there were a laugh emoji instead of the heart at times here.

As said by olyasr - coming to the forums and begging for orders is not the way to get orders. I know you may be in a desperate situation financially, but, anxiety over money does not draw money to you.



They’re ranting because they’re not getting any orders?


But the majority of the “rant” is not a rant, but begging.

Again, I need a laugh emoji for some of the topics created in the forum.



I need it too, but it would hurt the feelings of some, so I doubt we’ll ever get it.

As stated in my response to them, I do not want a laugh emoji to laugh at anyone - I realize the guy is probably in a desperate situation. It is just silly to come to a forum made up of sellers mainly to beg for orders.