Presentation on Fiverr


Hello There.
i am doing a presentation on fiverr in my school.
Can you please help me with ,The numbers of buyers and sellers in this platform.


What makes you think anyone here has that information?

Any kind of information like that is going to be a secret that only the top employees at fiverr know.

Fiverr is a privately owned company and they keep all statistics like that private.


There’s actually three groups of people here.

  1. Sellers only
  2. Buyers only
  3. Sellers who also buy, therefore they fall into both categories.
  • Some buyers purchase once and leave forever.
  • Some buyers do it occasionally, spend few hundred or less
  • Some buyers purchase often for business, spend hundreds or thousands.

It’s not an easy question to answer. As Miss C said above, only 5r has that stat and I’m not sure if they are able to keep track of such diverse group.


thanks for this helpful information