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Preserve the Gig Description

Gig descriptions should be preserved and not overwritten.

  • Customer orders a Gig.
  • I modify the Gig description to do something different for future orders.
  • The Gig description for the above order has been replaced and I do not have a record of what I had promised to do for the customer’s Gig. I do not know if the buyer still has a record of what he has ordered.

Does this happen a lot, though? Sellers scamming buyers by altering the gig description after the order went through and getting away with it, I mean (a genuine question).

If you’re the seller, which I think you are, then it’s up to you to keep a note of the description so that you know what the buyer ordered.

Just do a screenshot of the description at the time the order was placed - that should be enough for you and the buyer to know what’s been ordered.

My suggestion is that Fiverr keeps the screenshot of the description.

I assume the same issue exists for the buyer. Either Fiverr should save a screenshot of the description or Fiverr should notify buyers that they must save a screenshot when placing an order.

If there is a dispute, there is no way to know the original description because screen shots can be altered.

Ebay keeps a record of all revisions to listings. Fiverr should do the same.


It’s a good idea, if you get a lot of orders and have to change the description frequently it’s easy to get confused.

i think Its a good idea.