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Preset Auto Responder- Feature I would like to see


I think there needs to be a Preset Auto Responder for when people ask you a question before a order, and your not online and cant give them that information. The Auto responder could detect what the buyer is asking and would automatically give the answer from the preset possible questions. The possible questions could be common questions that people ask before they order all you do is fill in the answer such as, “Do you save the file in PSD format?” The auto responder would be preset and would type yes, then that potential buyer would buy the gig based on the answer. This would increase sales alot because I know I have missed customers questions and having a preset of questions may give you that sale.


I agree that talking to someone is better, I did not say this would be like the terminator and make where everyone on fiverr is a robot, I’m saying that if your offline and someone asked a very simple question it could be answered, not every question someone asked would be answer only the most easiest questions.