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Pretty slow month? :(

Yeah that would be bad :frowning: I noticed more people are starting to buy their groceries and stuff online too. I bet those services like Instacart and Postmates are making $$$


We are not affected by it that much. We had 1 case of the virus, she was recovered and she left to her own country… not such a bad situation but being prepared is the best and being careful…

Try things that help you boost the immune system… :slight_smile:

Most of my buyer’s businesses are affected by the virus… so pretty slow for me… :frowning:

March 9 th - Full Moon - Poya Holiday for us and along weekend … yippeeee…


Hopefully they get some test kits out to our doctors soon. We have only tested about 500 people so far.

I haven’t done any card readings in a while but now is the time to start again.

Never underestimate the power of a bit social hysteria. I went out on Sunday night and in the bar I was in two women started screaming at my friend for coughing near them to the point where their husbands tried to eject him. - And that was after already clarifying very awkwardly several times that my friend has terminal lung cancer.

We don’t even have any Corona virus on Malta yet.

At the rate things are going, people will be jamming anyone they can into a crematorium oven just because they have runny nose. Hence my plan to make more of an attempt to stay away from humans than viruses until the latter can thin the herd a little.


Some guy stands outside my front door twice a day and coughs loudly and has been doing it for two months now. I can no longer safely open my front door due to this. I have no idea who he is or why he does this.
I just read that a bottle of Purell hand sanitizer was selling on Amazon yesterday for $364.

The coughing guy is yet another strange thing I seem to experience as some sort of prelude of things to come.

I had something similar happen two months before our president announced that people flush the toilet now 15 times in a row. I’ve been noticing this for a long time. I get a two month lead in of what’s to come.

This month has been pretty slow for me, too! It seems like the people who do reach out or place an order are serious, but there’s less communication than before. In the past it has come and gone, though, so I’m trying to keep positive.

Sellers on Amazon are free to change prices anytime they want. However, if you go to Walgreens, CVS, Home Depot, etc, you’ll find regular prices. The big prices are for big quantities.

Last month I only made $136.

This month (March 4), I only had one order.

I wonder if Top Rated Sellers and Level 2’s are doing better?

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I thought the effect to be opposite. You know due to outbreak, people will tend to move outside little. And, finish much of their work from home. That will generate sales for us. Well, that’s my hypothesis.

This work from home line is getting way over used by the media. The reality is that very few people can work from home. If you work in retail or any customer facing role, you can’t do diddly squat from home.

Neither do the vast majority of people suddenly being told to self-isolate have the savings necessary to survive more than a month max without any income. Lots of people not being able to pay their bills puts pressure on banks. As a result, they stop lending. As a result of that, a lot of the people running to Fiverr with new startup ideas that require digital services to get off the ground suddenly find they have no $$$$'s to spend.

On top of all that, last year saw a massive decline in equity purchases and a massive increase in consumer debt and debt defaults worldwide. All the triggers for a new financial crash were pulled last summer. The coronavirus is at best a coincidence or at worst a nice scapegoat for an economic disaster that was going to strike anyway.

The only thing freelancers can do now is brace themselves for the inevitable wave of freshly unemployed blue collar workers who will suddenly all decide its time to start life coaching.

They will come, and we must be ready.




@cyaxrex; that’s a fine analysis done there and I can’t disagree more. The winter is coming.

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Yes…Very Slow… Hoping to get better next month.

Pretty slow starting end of Feb.

I was a level 2 and got demoted this month lol smh. I definitely made more sells as a level 2.


It’s slow for us who’re not getting huge order this month but it’s not slow for them who’re sharing here their success stories and screenshot the results of getting huge order :sweat_smile:

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We all have those times where we get less sales!


I would say it has slowed a bit even though im getting orders daily, but not as much as my usual rate. In my niche there is a lot of concern about the virus and the markets, so yes i believe the virus has something to do with it. Just staying positive and being as careful as possible with this outbreak. :slight_smile:

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I only became a top-rated seller this February… So I cannot say much about the experience… I am getting most of the work from my previous buyers, who don’t do any tourism related work…


I also think so.Same here

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