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Pretty sure my delivery got flagged for no reason?

Hi! My delivery for an order got flagged and I can’t seem to figure out why? It says it may take 24 hours to be approved which worries me, because delivery is due in 14 hours. I don’t want it to be marked late.

The text here describing my revision process is a basic delivery message I have been sending to nearly all of my customers for the entire year I’ve been working with Fiverr, this is the first time it’s been flagged. Well, actually, earlier this week it also got flagged, but when I refreshed the page, it went away, so I assumed it must be a bug. This time, no such luck.

I contacted support asking what phrase specifically got it flagged (especially since it’s never happened before) a received a seemingly automated answer describing what flagging is, and no actual answer to my question. If I get marked late for this, I’m going to be so upset =/

I think it was because you said “outside of Fiverr”.


Damn, you’re probably right. I wonder why it just suddenly started getting flagged, though! I’ve had that description of revisions/48 hours/full-time job as a quick response for a year and put it in all of my deliveries =/

Maybe next time just say “as I also have a part -time job” or something like that.

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Yeah, I’ll have to change the phrasing. What’s frustrating is that I contacted support about it over 8 hours ago and only just now got a response, and then that response ended up having nothing to do with my question, much less doing anything to remove the obvious false flag (I know flagging is automated so I sent a screenshot of the message) LOL.