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Pretty sure this buyer stole my work


I’m an illustrator, and I’m currently doing pixel portrait illustrations.

I’ve just recently had a buyer. He loved what I delivered, yet still requested a revision (without actually clicking the “revision” button) and I delivered the revision on time quite quickly after we talked.

It’s been 2 days since. The last message was him requesting for the revision, since then no answer.

Has my artwork been stolen? I’m fuming right now because it seems awfully easy for someone to get away with something like this. I don’t know what to do right now. Because I’m worried if I piss off the buyer by sending an additional message, he has the power to either leave a negative review or worse, cancel the order altogether and still have my material in the end.


Don’t worry yet. If you’ve delivered already, the order will automatically complete in 3 days and you will be paid. He may or may not come back and leave a review.
Why is it a bad thing to leave an additional message? You can simply follow up politely, 'Just wanted to check in-- I hope you are satisfied with the latest delivery, please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns, otherwise thank you for your business!'
However, that’s not even necessary. You could take it as a good thing that he hasn’t used the request mod button or left a review yet… he probably liked it and just simply won’t leave a review. Buyers can be quickly in and out like that.

You’d only potentially have a situation to be puzzled about if he left a negative review without communicating any prior dissatisfaction. Or, if he asked for you to cancel and refund the order. But since neither has happened yet, just hold tight and wait for the order to auto-complete : )


If you have the watermark feature enabled, they cannot download your artwork until the order has been accepted. That’s how it works for videos at least.

However, should the Buyer request a chargeback from their payment provider, you’re vulnerable to theft.

Chargebacks have become a serious and growing problem for online retailers.