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Prevent Ambigious Order's


Dear Fiverr Team,

I am really worried about it ambiguous order.

Most of the buyer place order on my Gig.
They want to make changes on the website, but without share Website credential with me.
Even, they do not agree to communicate.

My buyer sends me to order and cancels it within 5 minutes after I am asking to Cpanel login credential.

My request to you, please make changes on a platform, Or give access to a seller to receive the order with own intention. Allow function to accept orders with both seller and buyer consent.

Buyer is placer order without providing appropriate information.

I know, you suggest me to mention on Gig description: “Contact me before order”
AND use Requirement option to asking login details, when they placing the order on my gig.

I already do this practice. but you believe, they place website screenshot in the answer of Cpanel Login credential.

What can I do at this stage?
Please advice me.
Best regards,