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Preventing Account Block


Hello Friend.
I have been on Fiverr for a few year and sell a lot of gigs, you must avoid/prevent customer complains.
customer complains help to End your story.
fiverr provide Three warnings. if you have a lot of complains and lot of late deliveries definitely you will receive account warnings. in the 2nd warning your level badge will remove.
after if you reserve 3rd complain your account definitely block.
There for you want to start good communication with your customers. Work hard and begin your Golden era.


Your account says you started last month?

There’s only one effective way to avoid having your account blocked - follow the Terms Of Service. :wink:


my old account was blocked i start new one.


Hope you had permission from Customer Services etc. otherwise your new one will get blocked too.


yes i got permission


Thank you very much for your Advice.


Why your account being blocked ?


because of warnings.


Good advice to others. Thanks