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Preview before sending the delivery

HI, I have to send my client a preview file before submitting the actual order. but it’s quality is good. how can I make sure the client won’t cancel the order after receiving the preview file? The client is good, but this is my first gig on Fiverr so being a bit precautious.

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Why do you have to send them a preview file? We have a revision function in Fiverr for a reason. Send it in as completed, and explain they can send it back for a revision (ONE revision, specify that, or they’ll be able to / try to take advantage of you) if anything needs adjustment. I always use the word “adjustment” (a small tweak) as opposed to “change” (a larger effort, up to and including a full re-do) so they don’t get the wrong idea :wink:

Was it the client’s idea to get this “preview” sent to them, by chance?

oh thankyou for the advice, its very helpful. i didn’t know that so I suggested sending the preview file, not the client’s idea :grin: :sweat_smile:

No worries! Fiverr can have a little bit of a learning curve. Some other common (and serious!) newbie mistakes to avoid:

Don’t give free samples, don’t contact (or offer to contact) off the Fiverr platform, do not ask for or accept payment off of the Fiverr platform, and do not mention or ask for reviews. They have bots that pick up on certain words - e.g. “rating”, “review”, “star”, “email” etc. so don’t chat about stuff like that with your client(s).

With this client, you can be apologetic - “Sorry about that, I’ve been informed that it’s cautioned against in the TOS to send any completed files through chat, I need to submit it through the proper system, thanks for understanding!”

Thankyou so much for your advice. I’ll keep that in mind :blush: :innocent:

Due to new Fiverr 3.0 MAYBE looking badly to revision, I would not suggest to use them often.
You can upload version with your own watermark over entire video for preview in order communication.

I always send a preview file before delivery. If the client wants anything modified to do it on the spot.
Delivery is for the final, approved file.

Also, this depends on the service and seller. I always give free samples, sometimes even custom samples because the loss of time (20-40 minutes) in making a custom sample is less loss than client making an order and then asking to cancel or leaving a negative review.

You just have to make sure the custom sample is good enough for the client to get the idea and bad enough he can’t do anything with it without you.

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