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Preview image is blurred and poor quality

Hello there! I just got into Fiverr, so the first thing was to prepare Gigs. Everything went fine until, in the end, I uploaded preview pictures (2500x2000 jpg), and the quality of the preview images (only when scrolling gig page) became really bad. When you preview the Gig, it spoils everything. But if you click on the preview image and it opens up in full-size - everything’s perfect. Does anybody know what is the problem and how can it be solved? Thanx :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Maybe crop the image differently? Make your images with the thumbnail size in mind, not the full-size.

(You’re putting logos on signboards, I’m really not surprised they don’t look good as thumbnails.)

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The right thumbnail size is 680*427