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Preview Images being DAMAGED when delivered!

Hi there,

I’m encountering a very big problem today in delivering my files.
I don’t know if it’s because of this new feature, but I think it is :
“The watermark on this image will be removed after the order is complete.”

So that problem is, when I delivered an image file (I don’t know if it only damages other files other than image files). in my client’s side all they see is.

“Preview not available” and if they try to download it, it says, the file is damaged.

but in my side, I can see the preview clearly.

I’m trying to upload the screenshots but I don’t know why I can’t.

I really hope someone from support can help me as soon as possible since, my clients are really excited to see their orders.

Also, I tried sending an image through message to my client and it work, it just don’t work in delivery.


Did you actually contact Customer Support? They aren’t going to be able to help if you don’t ask them.

Hi there, yes I contacted them, and there are still no reply. I was just hoping maybe there might be some other person who are encountering this same problem that has a solution for this.

Just give them some time. I haven’t seen other people saying anything exactly matching this, so it may be isolated. Good luck!

Niko, is it possible that your watermark is a layer and that you may have mistakenly sent a PSD file for preview?