Previews and Demos


Hi everyone

I’ve never bought a gig on FIVERR before and so I’m not very clear as to how the whole thing works.
But recently I’ve requested
various people to send me a demo or preview of what they can do so that I can decide wether to go ahead and press an order or not, However everyone seems to be asking me to Pay for the previews or Demos. Is that how it works here?
Should I pay to see if you are capable of meeting my requirements?

Or am I missing something? .
Can someone please clarify this for me.


It depends what you class as a demo. If you want to see a generic example of what somebody can do for you, I wouldn’t expect to have to pay for it - sellers should have some samples in their portfolios anyway.

If you want an individual piece of work, to your specifications, then yes, this should be ordered and paid for.


I am a proofreader. :memo:

Sellers often ask me to proofread a few 100 words of a document for free, so they can tell if they like my work. I will not do that as dishonest buyers send parts of their text to many sellers and then end up having their whole document done for free. :roll_eyes:

Therefore, I always ask anyone who asks for a sample of my work to purchase my $5 gig to see if they want to work further with me.


It depends on the nature of the work and what you are requesting.

When I was a new seller, I’d send free short demos. After someone has a few hundred sales, there are plenty of examples of their work (or there should be).

Part of it is what are you requesting and how much.

Prices on Fiverr are so low, experienced sellers rarely send free samples, when they have a large existing body of examples.

If you have an important project with an experienced seller, consider buying a small $5 to $20 sample, to see how the seller handles it.

Sellers are often asked for free samples from people who just use it if they can. (Depends on what you are really asking for…)

On the other hand, I rarely do free samples anymore. If my 5,000 sales and samples I have available on Fiverr and Soundcloud aren’t enough to show what I can do, then we are not likely to work together.

It really depends on the nature of your demo request, and the level of the sellers you are selecting. With prices so low, doing free demos isn’t realistic.

BTW - This probably doesn’t apply to you: Many buyers promise “lots of future business” or “a large gig” and then don’t deliver on either of those. Experienced sellers get to the point where they don’t expect or believe someone will become a repeat buyer until they have a few month track record. Too many people try to get free work, and it hurts someone like yourself who is legit, and just wants to kick the tires and then decide.