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Price and Scope

I am new and trying to complete the price section. There is no drop down, I can’t type in the box and I can’t get past this section. Any tips? Hoping it is something simple I am missing. Thanks and good luck to you all!


Did you look at the top of the screen? You should be able to see 4 segments “Overview”. “Pricing”, “Video” etc. Click on “Pricing” this is were you should be able to enter the info :wink:

If you just signed up you may not have the option to choose “price” since that involves the price of extras. I’m not sure that new members have any extras. I’m just guessing but that might be the reason for that. I could be wrong. Are you able to create your gig and have it appear on the site at all?

If you’re not doing packages, then the selling price will automatically be set at $5. If you’re doing packages, then the drop down menu will be available.

I think we’re allowed to have at least two extras for being new; there are drop down menus for those in addition to the extra fast option. Hope that helps.

Have you filled out your overview tab and click save before clicking on the price tab?

This is true. The selling price is set at $5. But I thought she meant the Price tab, which shows where you can put extras and set the price. When she clicks on this tab she should see a space for her extras and have the ability to set the price of each one.

I was wondering to since it could be a variety of things she’s addressing. Guess it depends on the view point.

I’ve also got this problem! There is no drop down for price or delivery and if I leave them and fill in the extras etc, when I click Save to move onto the next screen it doesn’t do anything. Please let me know if you get this resolved, I’m sure it’s something silly but am really keen to get started myself!

also having the same problem

Having the same problem here.

The same problém here. Anyone any idea why it doesn’t work?

I’m having the same problem, there is no way to type in the boxes for price and it is saying without duration I can not move on but there is no place that will allow me to put that information. Must be a problem with their system not working properly.

Having the same problem.

having the same problem here

please share a link where i see how to set all process for new gig if you can

I also have this problem …did you get to corrected ?

Anyone get this sorted? I am at it 3 days now and i cant get it to work ?

There are some replies above that may help you out. If those do not answer your question, you can mention what problem you’re facing here or you can try contacting Customer Support so they can look into it, it may be a bug.

Tengo el mismo problema, no puedo escoger o colocar el precio. Please help me!!

Were you able to figure this problem out?