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We are web developers and we have few local clients who wants SEO work.

We want to place order of SEO work for our local clients.

Which information do you require for our website SEO work?

Iconicseo support team

I created a new gig yesterday, where I needed to type in “word count” and I think the problem was similar to yours (if I understood correctly). I was trying to type 1000, but it kept staying at 0.
What I figured out was to press “1” continuously for a few seconds (press hard and don’t take finger off)
So then it looked like this: 1111111
Next I pressed delete till there was only one “1” left, and did the same with the zeros.
It took a few minutes to get it right, because it was a matter of luck - pressing the number key not too long and not too short.
It looked something like this:

Hope this helps [I actually enjoyed doing this, cuz I’m nostalgic for the olden days when everything was manual :slight_smile: ]

Title can’t be empty. Description can’t be empty. This is what i keep getting when i try to save and continue to the Description & FAQ. I try clicking on some box to see if i can type in any of them but it’s not working. Can any one help me out?

This is probably a silly question but did you enter a gig title and gig description?
You might want to exit and try again. Maybe a different browser?

I had issues in the past as well, using a different browser always resolved the issue for me.