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Price comparison table for a gig


I have gigs where I offer a Basic, Standard and Premium version.

How do I create a table below each option that displays what feature/benefit is included with each one?



Check this out: for helpful information.


That’s just the main seller support page. I’ve ready been there and found nothing of use.


In the “packages” part of a gig, you can only fill in what fields it gives you (in the “scope & pricing” section of the “edit gig” option), eg. description etc. It then shows those when viewing the gig normally so the buyer can compare each of the 3 packages for a gig that has packages. But you can’t break the packages down any more than the fields that it already gives you (package description and various fields depending on the category/subcategory the gig is in I think).

You can describe the features/benefits as much as possible in the package description, though only a short-ish number of characters are allowed there. You could also put some info about it (the benefits of different packages) in the gig description if needed.

In theory you could add a .PDF to the gig which showed a table with further benefits of each package (or maybe one with more precise pricing - where the buyer would need to use a custom offer for) and refer to that in the gig description.


I like the idea of adding image to the slider that shows a comparison chart.


@uk1000 your idea is very good but manual.


I’ve actually seen this done on some gigs, and I’m sure the features were custom (not automated and dictated by Fiverr).

In situations like this, there is usually some button or link that I’ve overlooked that enables a feature. Then, when I finally find it - it seems obvious :wink:


You can create a custom gig extra field but not a custom field in a gig package. If you saw a different field there it must have been a field that Fiverr created and is because it’s in a particular subcategory.

If you find one with a custom-created field in the gig package you could maybe say what it is here and what subcategory it’s in. If it is a custom one, maybe it’s only available to certain users (like Pro category?).


Maybe you’re right - the category may have determined the package options and it only appeared to be defined by the user. Fooled me!