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Price diffrences


I have been browsing Fiverr when suddenly Fiverr decided to change the currency on the site to my local currency (NIS, 1 USD is about 3.7 NIS).
I noticed that a 25$ gig (about 92 NIS) is now showing as 370 NIS!!!
Fiverr can you explain this??
Does anybody else had this kind of problem?


Original price (Fiverr wouldn’t let me upload 2 pics at the same time)



Good news: It is very easy to fix.

All you have to do is go to Fiverr’s homepage and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There, on the bottom right, you will see a small box with your current currency (NIS) displayed in it. Just click on the box and select your preferred currency of choice.


Yeah, as you can see, I already did that.
I want to know how come Fiverr tries to rip me (and probably others) off


Hmm, it was probably a mistake/bug in their system.

A lot of sellers have had this (the change in their currency, I mean) happen to them in the last week or so. Fiverr changed the currency based on our geographical location. When it happened, I even received a message in a small pop-up balloon/box confirming that my currency had changed.

You, as well as anyone else who experiences this bug, can always contact CS and report it to them. :slight_smile: