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Price discrepancy


Speaking to a contractor and he was interested in taking the hob for $5

Very shortly after he said it would be $95 and would take 3-6 hours. Her opened a contract on his premium rate and his faq is the same as his silver faq

Being my very first fiverr contract I agreed.

But 30 minutes later he has completed the contract.

Being very happy that the work is done I’m also very disappointed and have said I am not paying you for the work at the rate you have set as I feel I was completely mislead

What rights do I have here ?

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I’m suspicious.

The Seller said it would take three to six hours but then completed the job in 30-minutes?

I’m wondering if the quality is what you would expect from a 3 to 6 hour job or is it something that was thrown together in minutes?

What I’m getting at here is this: If you feel that you have been cheated, cancel the order or take out a ticket with Fiverr CS.

Good luck.

Not how this works. You don’t charge per hour on Fiverr. As long as the seller delivered what he said he would, that’s all there is to it. How long he took to do it is 100% irrelevant. The seller was pretty dumb delivering in 30 minutes though, ngl. Some clients would object to that. He should have done it in 30 minutes, then wait 6 hours to deliver and bam - nobody is disappointed anymore.

For some reason people think that if I take 30 minutes to do X, I deserve to get paid less than if I take 6 hours to do the same X. Wut. If anything, I deserve more for being able to do it faster.

There’s only one question here. Did the seller deliver what he said he would, and was the quality of the deliverable what he promised or not? If yes, then you’ve got nothing to complain about. If not, how long he took to do it doesn’t matter.


The seller delivers what was discussed however

He pushed me to take his platinum gig and explained that this is a 3-6 hour job. His platinum gig faq reads the same as his silver faq .

It turns out it was a very simple him and took him 30 minutes

Now I understand that you get paid per job however if you knew what you had to do then you would do it your self. That being said I am totally at his mercy and honesty here

He could have told me this would be 3000 to fix and I would be none the wiser and it was a case of changing a setting from yes to no …

Also your statement referring to him being stupid for telling me after half an hour again refers to his total lack of honesty.

I have been ripped off is my problem and have told him that as a good will gesture I will pay him $40 and not the full 95. He looked at my website before hand and knew what the problem was.

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He told you the price, you agreed. He delivered the work he was supposed to do. This is the agreement. You havent been ripped off.

I dont see any problem here.

If its something you believe you could do, well you should have. But after you hired someone please do not judge them by saying “it is an easy job for this amount of money” No it is not. Maybe it took him years of practise to be able to do it in 30 minutes.

Pablo picasso has said the same stuff for one of his works. I believe he said something like “No, it took me 42 years and a half hour to do this” Something along these lines.

Maybe he estimates the worst by saying 6 hours, to be at the safe side. I do that too. I do my avarage drawing in 2 days, but i ask for a week anyway. You never know what might happen.


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Hi, welcome to the forum.

If you got what you paid for, the right that is left to you is to give an honest rating for your purchase and buying experience with that seller. Rating an order is possible for up to 10 days after delivery.

I agree on the point that if a seller expressly told you that your job is a 3-6 hour job and therefore you need to purchase Gig package Silver, Gold, or whatever, and then delivers in 30 minutes, it makes the seller look bad, however, as others explained, you pay per project here, not per hour, what you’re buying is not just the more or less tangible deliverable but also the service, the experience, skills, etc., of the provider, and if they delivered the project as discussed, I don’t really see any “rights” there.
The Gig or custom offer you purchased listed what you purchase, so unless you had a custom offer that said the seller would work 3 hours for y$ on project z, in which case you could ask them to work 2.5 hours more on project z if he delivered after 30 minutes, there’s really not anything to ask for.
If pressed, the seller might even be able to say that they meant that an averagely talented person would probably need 3-6 hours, and that you should be glad that he’s so skilled that he managed to do and deliver it in just 30 minutes, when usually, a same-day, heck, even same-hour delivery, would cost extra.

Don’t let anyone push you; order the Gig that fits your requirements, or ask for a custom offer that fits them. Then decide if you want to accept that custom offer or not.

I really don’t think it’s okay to do business like that if it’s all as you presented it (we usually only get to hear one side here, so it’s often not the full picture), but I don’t see a question of rights here.
As a buyer, I’d leave an honest review, learn from it, and move on.


If it was too easy you should have done it. No matter how easy it is, you agreed to pay the said amount. He didint put a gun to your head. And you have got the services that was promised(which is the most important thing here).

You should have asked more than 1 seller to understand the prices of such services instead of buying the first thing

What you are doing is like; when a child loses a game, he decides not to play.

Edit; Do you go to a supermarket with the eggs you have eaten in your belly and ask for a partial refund because you think those eggs didint worth the money you have spent? No. You bought it, you ate it. Its done. You can comment on the eggs if you like them or not, you can write down “those eggs dont worth the price”

But you knew you were gonna get the eggs while paying. And you got your eggs.


Do you mean the fields on the packages are the same, including the package descriptions? There’s only one main FAQ section on a gig (unless you mean they’ve added 3 sets in the gig description or somewhere. There’s no room in the package descriptions for FAQs).

I have been ripped off is my problem and have told him that as a good will gesture I will pay him $40 and not the full 95. He looked at my website before hand and knew what the problem was.

If you think you have you could open a support ticket with CS and speak to them about it. Sellers can’t do a partial refund directly though - you’d need to create a new order and cancel the original one to reduce the price.