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Price Perception -Help


I am flummoxed. I write articles. I wrote two articles for a client. He loved them, so he orders three more.
I did the same research, wrote the same way, gave extra words, had it reviewed for fact checking and overall readability. The difference in price between order one and order two was $20.

His reply when he asked for a revision is “I am not satisfied with this content. It is not well researched for the price I paid.”

Ah, price perception. So, two articles that were $20 less were somehow acceptable, and he loved them, yet, paying $20 more for an additional article and one extra makes you expect something extra special?

I do know what to do. I responded explaining the research I put into it, and how it is the same process and product as before. I told him I was not comfortable with a cancellation because it is the same quality. I asked if I had given him 1 article at a time for my price, would he have seen them as better? As of now, I am waiting for his response. I even suggested he have someone else read it.

All I can think is because he paid $20 more, he somehow expected something more that he can not verbalize, which I asked him to do. I asked him to tell me of an error or specific feedback on what he would want changed.

You can tell I am frustrated. :scream:

Any ideas??


I once argued with a seller for a month about this same issue. Just stick to your guns until they get bored and wander off. Contact CS to alert them, and throw the TOS book at them along with all the other stuff. I like to tell them to go through line by line with specific editing requirements “so I can be sure that I deliver exactly what you want quicker” etc. If they want more words, send an invoice reminding them that you have fulfilled the original brief (TOS link) and that what they want will be $xy. If that’s outside their budget, then you are still more than happy to help them edit the current copy, based on their own line-by-line instruction.

I have plenty more, but this usually defeats 'em.


What TOS book do you mean? What would I throw at them?

I have defended my work and explained how much research went into it. I have expressed I want a positive resolution and given him a couple ideas to give me specific feedback. I alerted CS per your suggestion.

It is not a word issue. He just seems to think it is not researched. It is more researched with more facts and links to sources than my first order I did for him. He ordered the same dang thing he did in the first order, just one additional article. So, the first two, which were done the same way as these were great, but you pay a little more, and you want what? Words that dance on the screen. Where did the information in the article come from? Research friend! I do not make this stuff up. I do not know everything.

So frustrating.

Give me more emmaki for my arsenol. I do not want to cancel, and it is in “Revision” mode.



CS. They will tell you to work it out, of course, but this gives you the first to complain advantage (NB: I have no idea if such a thing exists), and they may have records of this buyer pulling a fast one before. TOS is just the relevant official blurb for this–you know, the terms of service? You’ve delivered on spec in time as agreed. Just do everything I just said, like a polite brick wall. The revision has to be something tangible, not something he just pulled out of his ass, so make him work for it.

Or just ask for more money to accommodate for the amount of extra research he wants (quantify this first) and a fee for the considerable rewrite this will necessitate. Refer to my original post. Give them the options, but make sure the net is closing in.


Thank you! I appreciate your help.


Brownie points if they have an abusive meltdown at you not capitulating and asking for more money like some kind of extortionist–it’ll swing CS over your way :wink: